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Young Living Business Builders

There is a new wave occurring in Young Living and you can be a part of it! If you want to build your Young Living organization, lets do it together! We would love to help you develop the skills to create a successful business. Maintaining contact is important and our monthly newsletters are a valuable resource for you and your organization. Be sure to forward our newsletter monthly to your team or send us the email for those who would like to be subscribed.

Current Member Enrollment Offers

Free Desert Mist™ Diffuser

After your new member places just two consecutive loyalty orders, they'll earn their first free gift, a Desert Mist™ Diffuser. Learn more in the FAQ below. U.S & Canada.

Celebrate Young Living® Day on April 6

Ready to seize the fresh spring energy and help your business bloom? Host a YL Day: Simply Spring Edition event on Saturday, April 6. It’s your opportunity to grow your network, make lasting connections, and share simple shifts with our new spring products. Sign up today and receive your host tool kit by April 3!

This is your golden opportunity to:

  • Cultivate meaningful connections and grow your network.

  • Inspire simple lifestyle shifts with our exciting new spring products.

  • Gain exclusive early access to irresistible shareable content.

  • Customize your event to reflect your unique vision and style.

  • As a host, you’ll receive a tool kit with exclusive assets to help you plan an unforgettable experience. Sign up today and your tool kit will be ready for you on April 3.

Make A Shift Reset™ Kit

This kit is a perfect starter kit for new members who are looking to jumpstart their health journey in 14 days. Start your 14-day journey to increased energy levels, reduced daily stress, and overall well-being! Those who purchase will receive 24% off all purchases for 1 year and 10 Loyalty Points with purchase. U.S. Only View Product Here

Compensation Plan Updates

YL Insights App

Have you downloaded this app on your phone? The Young Living app puts the virtual office in your pocket! It allows you to see your organization, monitor your compensation, even send an alert when someone joins your team. This app is a must have for anyone wanting to grow their business.

Ask Maria

Maria wants to know your questions! We will be creating a monthly segment in our newsletter. Your question could be featured!

Submit any questions you have via email to:

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