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Holiday Essential Oils

Certain fragrances during the winter months can be uplifting, fragrant, stir up fragrant memories of past times, but did you know they can enhance health as well?

Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils can provide help at many different levels, known and unknown, throughout the body/s healing system. Essentials oils from trees, shrubs, roots, and flowers work in such a way that they enhance the body's ability to heal itself. There are several essential oils which are especially nice to enjoy during the winter season. Not only are their fragrances uplifting and purifying, but they also leave the environment feeling clean, remove bad odors and support good health!

Top 7 Essential Oils For The Holidays:
Top 6 Essential Oil Blends For The Holidays:  
Alternative Ideas to Enjoy Essential Oils for the Holidays

There are many ways to use essential oils for the holidays! The oils above can be sprinkled on a conifer bough, on pinecones, on orange peels, or enjoyed in an aroma drink by adding a drop to a glass of purified water. The Citrus essential oils are great not only in beverages but sauces, salad dressings, desserts as well! A cold-water diffuser is designed to anatomize microfine mist of essential oils into the air where they remain suspended for several hours. Alternative diffusing practice include placing the oils on a ring around a light bulb or adding oils to boiling water on the woodstove. It should be noted that these diffusing methods release the fragrance, however the medicinal value is no longer effective.

Aromatherapy and Your Body

Essential oils are multi-dimensional in the characteristics just as human beings according to Daniel Penole, MD. In his book, Natural Home Health Care Using Essential Oils, he states ''We know that essential oils are an adaptogens in that they seem ---or the body seems to understand instinctively where their influence is needed and how it should work in us. This is important to understand that essential oils may provide therapy in unexpected ways because they influence almost every system in the body."

How Your Essential Oils Are Made Matters

Unlike synthetic chemicals essential oils containing petrochemicals, properly distilled organic oils are diverse in their effects. The complex plant chemistry and the molecular structure according to the signature of the plant is ideal for preventing the spread of bacteria, virus, and fungus. According to Weber State University-Utah, Microorganisms have shown they have a difficult time mutating in the presence of antiseptic compounds. Spanish oregano and cinnamon essential oils tested at above 95 percent efficiency against Candida, E. Coli and a Streptococcus strain. This is significant information especially in these times as we face life-threatening drug resistant viruses and bacteria. Young Living has its own independent farms and distillers all over the world and as a result, they can control their seed to seal standard and to provide product during these times. Young Living oils are top quality and potent, meaning you don’t need more than just a few drops to get results.

"Spanish oregano and cinnamon essential oils tested at above 95% efficiency against Candida, E. Coli and a Streptococcus strain."

Essential Oils for Children

Although Young Living has oils for babies and toddlers, we do not advise using any of the above-mentioned oils on kids because the essential oils are very potent. Children do however enjoy the oil of Orange as it has a joyous vibrant energy about it. Orange essential oil has been shown to aid the respiratory system. Simply add drops of orange to the water in your diffuser!

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