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Grapefruit Oil 

Add a natural zest to your life.
Read below to learn how.

The oil of Grapefruit has multiple uses and benefits. Known as Citrus paradise, grapefruit is from the botanical family Rutaceae (Citrus). This is certainly a handy oil to use at the beginning of the New Year, especially if we consumed foods over the holidays that we do not ordinarily eat. This single oil can be applied neat, or straight from the bottle, or mixed with a carrier oil to enhance circulation to help reduce fat and cellulite. It has the ability to improve circulation for a lazy lymphatic system.
Key Constituent

The key constituent in the oil of grapefruit is limonene. It is an effective detoxifier, a diuretic, and has fat dissolving capabilities. Studies show that the limonene in particular is effective for its ability to combat tumor growth.

Aroma Drink​

Grapefruit has a rather sweet scent, on the zesty side and is very uplifting. It is helpful for anxiety, reduces depression, and promotes relaxation. It gives one a very clean feeling when using it in an application, or putting drops in drinking water as an Aroma Drink.

Diffusing Grapefruit Oil​

Grapefruit oil can be used in a diffuser to bring a fresh, summery scent all year long. It mixes well with other oils like Lavender, Lemon, Bergamot, and Orange. Winter blues? Diffuse grapefruit to bring back that summer vibe.

Grapefruit Oil For Sanitation

Another useful way to use the therapeutic oil of grapefruit is for sanitation. Not only is it helpful to add drops in water to use in a spray bottle to clean counters in kitchen and bathroom, but as a bath to clean vegetables. Get out a metal bowl, large enough for the fruit or vegetables you desire to sanitize. Add water, two or three drops of grapefruit oil or so and let the vegetables sit for about 8 minutes or so. Move everything around in the bath to aid the removal of debris, aphids, environmental dust, etc. The bath also brings back the vitality of the plant. Fruits and vegetables retain their life force in the refrigerator for a longer period of time.


If you are a coffee drinker, it is not advisable to drink caffeine beverages, apply the grapefruit oils and then go in the sun. Avoid going under sun lamps as well. Wait 24 hours and then apply the oil on location.

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