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Game Playing Pieces

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Bring your friends together for a creative game night!
This guide will show you how and includes free printouts for your party!

The Breakdown

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Snack food is best for a game night! Easy to eat while playing games together. The recipes below include essential oils. Essential oils add amazing bold flavor to any dish! Print the recipes and give them to guests as they leave. Trust me, they will be asking for them!

  • Lemon Hummus with Crackers

  • Yam Salad

  • No Bake Chocolate Coconut Cookies

  • Fruit 

  • Veggie Tray (Celery, Cucumbers, Carrots)

  • Essential Oil Infused Water



Guests will have a blast playing these aromatherapy themed games (free download below). They can work together or play as individuals and it's a great way to get to know one another.

  1. Guest Raffle

  2. Aromatherapy Word Search​​

  3. Aromatherapy Crossword Puzzle

  4. Name That Oil

  5. Essential Oil Charades


How To Play

1. Guest Raffle

As guests arrive instruct them to write their name on a small piece of paper, fold the paper in half, and place in a medium sized bowl. At the end of the party, draw one name from the bowl. The guest who's name is chosen receives a prize.


2. Aromatherapy Word Search

Hand out word search while guests are arriving. Guests will search for the 20 words on the sheet. Good starting activity.


3. Aromatherapy Crossword Puzzle

Guests can pair up to solve this puzzle. Using the clues provided, fill in the word that matches the clue. First team who completes the puzzle correctly gets to choose a prize.


4. Name That Oil (Sniffing Contest)

Preparation Needed: Grab blue painters tape. Measure out 2 inch sections of painters tape. Number the tape 1-7. Cut the tape. Place tape over bottle #1's logo, covering the name fully. Do this for each remaining bottle. 


Rules: Pass out bottle #1- #7 to the first 7 guests. Instruct them to open the bottle and sniff the oil. On their paper, they write which essential oil they believe the bottle to be. The bottle # should match the corresponding number on their paper. Then, pass the oil to their right. Once each player has had a chance to sniff the bottles and guess, read out loud the correct answers. The guest who got the most answers right gets to choose a prize.


5. Essential Oil Charades

Preparation Needed: Print the words provided in the download and cut out each word. Fold each word in half and place in a medium size bowl. 

Rules: Pass around the bowl of words to the guests. Each guest takes one paper and does not look at it. Taking turns each guest has 30 seconds to act out the word on their paper. The first player stands in the middle of the room. When the timer starts the player reads the word on their paper and acts it out. When a guest guesses the correct word they get a point. Once all the words have been acted out add up the points. The player with the most points gets to choose a prize.

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3-Aromatherapy Game Party.JPEG


Who doesn't like winning a prize?! Here's a list of fun, aromatherapy themed prizes your guests can win.

Optional: wrap the prizes and place in a bowl.

  • NingXia Red Packets

  • Single Oil Blends (Lavender or Lemon)

  • Luscious Lemon Lotion

Party Favors

A fun, inexpensive way for each guests to take home essential oils is with lavender sachets.

  1. Order purple sachets and dried lavender online.

  2. Fill sachets with 1/4 cup of lavender. 

  3. Drop 2 drops of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil onto the flowers.

  4. Close the bags.

  5. Place in a bowl.

  6. Hand out the sachets to each guest as they leave.


Invitations & Connection


​Guests for your party can be anyone, existing Young Living members, friends, or potential members. Its a great way to reconnect with your organization and support them! 10-12 guests is ideal. Download the invitations below and simply type in your information for your party, its all ready to go!


Encourage your guests to leave their contact information by filling out the signup sheet (free download below). This allows you to stay in touch with them via your newsletter/email etc.

Other Ideas:
  • Business Cards with your Brand Partner Number

  • Recipe Cards 

  • Share your favorite oil and why

  • Ask for any questions

  • Share our website!​

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Eucalyptus Branch

The Miracle Tree: Eucalyptus 




Unique Benefits of Essential Oil Supplements

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