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Addressing Current Challenges

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

It seems often, life throws us curveballs that suddenly change our appointments, plans, or finances. These current times everyone is feeling the pressure and parents have been confronted with difficult decisions as a family. Young Living has its challenges as well. Many companies have not been able to receive computer chips to improve and expand business. I recently learned at Young Living headquarters, it is not unusual to see computer/IT staff sleeping on the floor attempting to keep everything operating smoothly on a national and international basis.

Supply Chain Issues

Along with many other companies facing supply chain issues, Young Living is navigating this issue as well. A cargo shipment from the ship would cost $20,000 to bring into the dock and have it delivered. Recently, Mary was confronted with a bill of $80,000. Thanks to our founder Gary Young who had the foresight to have our own farms- this has been the saving grace of our company. Many companies are finding it impossible to sources plants and to maintain a standard and what sourcing they do have, the products have skyrocketed in price.

In addition to this, California will not allow trucks to operate in the state if they are more than 10 years old. They encourage truckers to purchase electric semi-trucks that do not exist. Also, veteran truck drivers are retiring and now young people, eighteen and older, are driving long haul trucks. Many truckers come to the California border and must wait for a truck to arrive with their cargo so they can make the delivery to the client. All these factors have been causing significant delays in Young Living shipments. Young Living is continually looking after hundreds of details to be sure that we have the Seed to Seal product each month.

Essential Oils for Immune Support

Be sure that you have the oils for your immune system or to give as a gift this holiday season. R.C for the respiratory system, and Thieves, Longevity, Pine Oils, Balsam Fir, Lemon, Lemongrass, and Raven are great to support your immune system. Remember, Young Living supplements have the most unique delivery system with the essential oils in them. It is your greatest aid to preventing the perversion of the DNA and cellular activity. I highly recommend Inner Defense; it is the most effective at the first signs of something coming on. Thieves soft gel every two hours are great too. Another powerful option is Longevity. Do not take while you take your probiotics and wait at least an hour before taking. You can read more in the Essential Science Desk Reference to study further the effectiveness of the oils and the products with oils in them.

New Product

Evergreen oil blend will soon be released with white pine. This blend will be very powerful to overcome health issues and rebuild the immune system. Keep your eyes open for it!

Website training Videos

Update yourself with these videos. Have your prospects or newcomers watch these important educational clips.

2021 Christmas Catalog

Click here to view the Young Living Christmas Catalog.

May you enjoy perfect health with Young Living,


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