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Happy March!

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Hello Young Living friends,

U.S. Only Incentive

In March, Young Living has 3 offers for your in-person gatherings. Check out the details below:

1) 15% off code for host

Plan to host a gathering and let us know when it is! Young Living will gift the host with a code for 15% off a one-time order of 100 PV or more. There is no limit to the size of your order, so grab NingXia to cheers and your favorite oils to diffuse, or anything you need for DIY recipes. The choice is yours!

Q: How do I receive 15% off?

A: An email and text will be sent to all Brand Partners with a JotForm to fill out about your event. You will then receive an email with your code for 15% off. The discount will be available to you until 11:59pm on March 31st, but only applicable to one one-time order.

2) Free shipping for existing customers in attendance

For your existing customers in attendance, we will give you a code for them to use to enjoy free shipping with an order of 100 PV or more. This code will be included in your email with your host code.

3) Free shipping for NEW customers

As announced earlier, new customers in the month of March will automatically receive free economy shipping on orders of 100 PV or more.

Canada-Celebrating 10 Years! Canada-Only Deal

Natural Life News

Maria is a writer for the Natural Life News and has been for over ten years!

This is a digital, quarterly magazine on all things health, wellness, and vitality. On their website you can find past newsletters as well. Subscribe today to receive the articles in your inbox!

Link to subscribe is here:

Share This Newsletter

Have you ever thought about the purpose of this newsletter? Yes, it is for educational purposes and to give up-to-date information. However, there is another important reason. The newsletter is a bond with one another which supports you with Young Living information. I value personal contact with you. The newsletter can be used to share to prospects, family members and friends as a tool. The newsletter is a way to inform others that you are a part of an international community that is constantly learning about a healthy lifestyle, and you are willing to share the same opportunity. I encourage you to have your own newsletter in between this monthly newsletter so that no one feels abandoned in your organization. You are welcome to share information from this newsletter to anyone that you may feel that is interested.

All the best to everyone reading the newsletter today,


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