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Maria’s 2022 Holiday Greeting

Greetings! When Gary Young first started Young Living Essential Oils, he did everything himself. It became difficult to look after all the details to progress ahead. It was about the time when he had his first Lavender seeds from France, and he had to tile the soil and plant. Before he knew it, Young Living members began to arrive to help Gary plant his dream. Everyone was so happy together, had the same goal to plant and wait for the harvest. Gary realized how important community was at this point and spoke about the importance of a Young Living Community for the rest of his life.

Young Living is structured for the encouragement of people coming together with common goals. Once a member has become Executive, they have already started their community. We mentor our new people closely for a period of three months to be sure no one feels abandoned. We encourage independence, good health and income generated through our efforts of helping others. Gary said at a presentation, "serve and the rest will come". There is a spiritual aspect to having a successful community. It can be through charity and service, such as sponsoring a student at the Young Living School in Ecuador or Nepal, showing sincere concern for people's welfare, or by mentoring and supporting your Young Living family. This energy trickles down throughout our organization. Your people can feel it. Sometimes our path is long and weary, but when we come together with a common journey, together, we can combine our forces for the purpose of our community to evolve.

The Young Living corporate office of course is important, but what would it be like it did not have all the unique communities under its umbrella? I encourage you to reflect on the motives of your organization this season and shower your people with the Christmas Spirit. We wish for blessings for everyone in the Essential Drops of Joy community and abundance of 2023 to be upon us.

The Essential Drops of Joy Team and I, wish you and your family, and your pets, perfect health and the abundance needed for your lifestyle now and in the future.

With Love,

Maria Low

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