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Maria's Holiday Greeting 2021

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

A very Merry Christmas and a joyous 2022!

My newsletter is the best way I can connect with you and to let you know that your hard work and the wonderful people in your organization are greatly appreciated. The history of my organization which you are a part of goes back to 1991 when Gary began Young Living. We are a part of the oldest membership in Young Living! We never dreamed that we would have the farms, the membership and the products that we have now. I credit of course the hard work but also the family values and the relationships that support a life of toxic-free chemicals in our foods and products. We speak the same language when it comes to enhancing our health and lifestyle.

I am so grateful for my organization and would like to share with you what I decided to purchase this year as a result of my commission check. I purchased a soapstone stove and placed it in the corner of the living room. To feel the radiate heat and to be able to put a couple of cast iron pots on the stove top gives me such gratitude to Gary Young and all of you. Gary experienced poverty in his life but always looked ahead with his dreams of helping people alleviate their suffering. He expressed a lot of his gratitude by giving back.

As a result of the quality and alternative uses of the essential oils and the products with essential oils in them, Young Living Members have fared quite well for years now. Be constant and creative in how you use them to reinforce your immune system. It all has a cumulative effect.

May your relationship with all the people in your Young Living family grow and expand.

My warmest wishes to you, your family and your animal friends!

With Love and Gratitude,

Maria Low

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