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May Note From Maria

Updated: May 19, 2022

May Greetings!

Our up-line, Anna Maya Powell travelled to Montana to meet with the Essential Drops of Joy Team to update us and to discuss the organization you are a part of. We are the oldest organization, going back to the time when I was an apprentice with Gary Young in 1991. One of the things that shows up in my organization is that many of the elderly members are passing away. One of the things I have mentioned in the past is to be sure that you have your YLEO organization in your will. If you do not, the commission check will be given to the members above the member who passed away.

Transferring Your Young Living Business

Young Living noted that some people have inherited a successful business however, they are not participating, they simply receive the benefits of the previous owner. This does not work for Young Living. If you place your business in your will to a friend or a relative, you must train them, and they must show an interest in their organization to warrant the privilege. Young Living will then review the activity to validate the transfer. If they feel that a sincere effort has not been made to actively keep the business progressing, they will likely notify the person and stop the transfer of the business.

A good reminder: Young Living has a market plan that requires work and that is why

the commission plan is approved by government agencies and has a valid form of work and compensation.

Organization Best Practices

We also discussed how our members need to feel valued. When you sign up a new person, mentor them for three months. You receive a bonus for this. Do not let anyone feel abandoned. This is the number one reason why people drop out. Send out an e-mail to those who have expired their membership and invite them back. They simply must order once a year to keep their wholesale account on the computer system.

Method of Payment

It is a terrible feeling to miss a commission check because a credit card expired. Remind your group to keep on top of the expiration date to avoid a big disappointment. A missed check means that your commission went up to the people above.

Young Living Conference 2022: JUNE 16, 17, 18TH

Bring your friends and YLEO members together to watch the Conference on zoom! Check out the Young Living 2022 Young Living Conference and click on EVENTS to see the schedule. Share the expense of the Zoom, enjoy an Aroma Drink and attend the workshops and updates.

Because of the number of changes in government regulations and life in general, many changes have been made and Young Living has made every attempt to adapt and use the changes to their advantage. It is important to send out e-mails to your members to remind them of the conference date and to let them know that they must register on the website here. You can print out the day's schedule to have it on hand. Specials will be presented later in the conference at discounted prices to purchase. To be able to get the conference on Zoom is really a wonderful opportunity. People who have never attended a conference in person, will be able to get a feel for the company and will have more to share with friends and prospects!

Next Month

In the next newsletter, I will be discussing products that I feel are so valuable, you may want to consider adding extra to keep on hand for emergencies. We do not know if we will be receiving timely deliveries even though Young Living has your order ready to go. I will make a list reflecting on my experience on products and essential oils that I would not do without.

You are all treasures and what we have in common is to experience good health, a positive happy life and sharing kindness to everyone. It is no mistake that we are together.

Fragrantly yours,

Maria Low

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