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The Miracle of Balanced pH

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I first became aware of pH many years ago when I worked as a hair designer. To design haircuts optimally, I used products with formulas that had a similar pH to hair. This made a dramatic improvement in my work and in the appearance of my clients. I made many changes in my business based on this understanding of acid and alkaline.

What is pH? A pH of 7.0 at 25C is defined as neutral because the concentration of H30+ (hydronium ions) equals the concentration of 0H- (hydroxide anions) in pure water. The measurement runs on a scale from 0 to 14. Acidity is on the lower end of the scale from 0 to 7. Alkalinity is the upper end of the scale from 7 to 14. Acidity creates an expanding energy whereas alkalinity creates a contracting energy.

The Danish chemist Soren Sorensen invented the pH scale in 1909. His original work was with beer. He learned how to prevent mold while fermenting beer by controlling the acidity and alkalinity.

Henry John Heinz, founder of the Heinz Ketchup company, ran similar experiments. He encountered mold problems while making tomato sauce to bottle and sell. When he made changes to make the sauce more acidic, the mold problem was solved. He created a product that made him a millionaire at the turn of the 20th century!

How pH Affects Life and the Environment The principle of pH affects everything: our appearance, our health, our personality, our lifestyle, our strength, healing power, the endocrine system, our hair and nails, our thinking, our spiritual life and our environment. For example, the acidity of the oceans on earth is estimated to have fallen a tenth of a percent since the Industrial Revolution began.

This shift is a considerable difference based on logarithmic calculations. Some experts believe that the decline of the oceans does not come from carbon emissions but from human waste, chemicals and junk thrown into the ocean. If bioacids from human waste, oil spills and other garbage continue to pollute our oceans, all of humanity will come to a major tipping point.

How pH Affects Human Health The same thing happens in the human body. If our body is given processed flour, dairy, pork, sugar, coffee, soft drinks, food additives, rancid fats, microwaved food, pesticides and herbicides, the blood and body tissues become acidic. The body’s performance slows down and begins to deteriorate. The blood in a healthy body should have a pH of 7.36. When we pollute our bodies with our food or with improper food preparation and poor cooking techniques, the body's environment deteriorates just like the ocean.

How many times have you been asked or tested for pH by your health practitioner? Probably not very often! It is impossible to live a healthy lifestyle without a balanced pH. Some populations are dependent on food provided to them. In nursing homes for the elderly, the pH of the residents should be tested. Considering the menu selections offered in these places, I am suggesting that the results of the information gathered through pH testing would result in dietary adjustments to correct the pH.

Research into pH and Wellness It is difficult to become ill or have maladies when the pH is balanced. The only exception may be environmental poisoning which causes extreme chemical changes in the body. Dr. Robert Young has written several books on the miracle of pH balance. At his clinic and spa, every client is consulted about pH. Dietary changes and supplementation are discussed. Dr. Robert Young works with patients to bring them into pH balance in order to overcome their discomforts and chronic conditions.

Dr. Robert Young explains that there are three major biochemical fluids in the body. These are vascular fluids, interstitial fluids and intracellular fluids. It is important that the acid/alkaline balance takes place on the intracellular level. This is where the fluid surrounding your cells should be slightly alkaline.

When this takes place, toxic waste is removed on a cellular level. The cells become round and firm rather than flaccid, and the stress level drops in cellular activity. As you make changes in your lifestyle to become slightly alkaline, you may experience an acidic odor as the shift happens at the cellular level. This is a great boon to the body's functioning!

Gary Young’s Formulation for pH Balance Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, worked as a naturopathic doctor and researcher. As he tested his patients’ blood, he noticed that the oxygen level was often low, and their bodies were not responding readily to his treatments. He travelled to Calgary, Alberta to take a course about cancerous conditions. When looking at cells under a microscope, he was able to see how green foods affected the pH level of the blood.

He could see the difference in cell activity when more alkaline foods were added to the diet. On his return to the United States, he talked about diet and learned that many people did not really know how to prepare the beautiful green foods that are full of chlorophyll. These include dandelion greens, lambs quarters, mustard greens, collard greens, kale and other leafy green vegetables.

What came out of this experience was a formulation called MultiGreens, a nutritious chlorophyll mixture designed to boost the vitality in the body by working with the blood, glandular system, nervous and circulatory systems.

MultiGreens is an energy source with bioactive sea vegetables combined with chosen ingredients to cleanse the blood. This helps to balance pH. MultiGreens is also good to take if you’ve eaten the wrong thing, eaten too late at night or eaten too much! MultiGreens will help you to avoid bloating, overgrowth of candida and loss of energy.

As Gary Young's work continued, he learned that by adding essential oils to the formula there was an increase in blood absorption from 42 percent to 64 percent in thirty minutes. The conclusion was that the cells were able to assimilate more nutrients.

A New Product for pH Balance

More recently, Young Living released a microgreen powder called Ningxia Greens. This can be sprinkled on food or added to a smoothie or beverage to improve blood and cellular balance. In turn, organ health can be improved. This formulation took four years to create.

The sources for all the greens included also had to be measured against Young Living’s Seed to Seal standard. The Seed to Seal standard tracks the handling of ingredients from the farm to the distillation process. Young Living’s nutritional products, supplements and beverages have the added benefit of essential oils to contribute trace elements, antibacterial properties and improved efficiency in delivery to the body’s cells.

The secrets of pH balance should be shouted from the housetops! This is a key to alleviating suffering on so many levels. Learn everything you can about this critical aspect of health. Your life will never be the same. Connect with Us!

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The pH Miracle by Dr. Robert Young

The Essential Oil Desk Reference by Life Science Publishing

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