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Vibrational Frequencies of Life

Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, and Bruce Taino, a research scientist, worked together to study the frequency of plants and the body and the relationship between frequency and disease. The following paragraphs detail the results of this study.  
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Vibrational Frequency of Essential Oils

Energy can be measured in units called hertz or electromagnetic waves. Hertz can be defined as electrical energy transmitted in a series of cycles equal to one cycle per second. How does this relate to vibrational frequency? As the cycle of energy vibrates at a more frequent rate, the vibrational frequency increases accordingly for each type of plant or tree. Bruce Taino was able to test the vibrancy of the Young Living Essential oils. This is what he found:

The true Damascus Rose essential oil vibrates at a rate of 320 Megahertz. It emanates purity and wholeness. Rose oil connects body, mind, and spirit. It is no surprise that the high vibration of Rose supports the feeling of LOVE, the highest vibration in the world. Young Living owns 80% of the world's Damascus Rose essential oil. There are other rose essential oils that are mixed with extenders such as petrochemicals that have a very low energy. 

Frequencies of Young Living Essential Oils:










Joy Blend




Thieves blend

Healing Oils for the Body

Essential oils as a single oil or a blend within a higher range of frequencies work with the emotional area of one's life. Single oils and blends with a lower frequency have a more profound effect on making structural/physical changes. Oils with a frequency of 78 MHz or below are believed to work specifically with the physical body.


Inhaling essential oils is beneficial because the sense of smell goes directly to the limbic system. This affects the amygdala in the brain where emotions are stored and released. The frequency of essential oils is not absolute. Other frequencies can interfere. For example, drinking coffee, sugar intake, dairy in the diet, air pollution, detrimental music, and other activities could interfere with the result. The test results were as accurate as possible at the time with no outside interference. You can learn more about healing essential oils here.

Young Living now has one of the top aromatherapy laboratories in the world for discovering and testing essential oils. These laboratories help it maintain a Seed to Seal quality standard for all the Young Living Essential Oils and additional products containing essential oils. Learn more about the Seed to Seal Standard Here.

Frequencies of the Body:

71-90  MHz

Healthy Human Brain

57 MHz

When a person has flu symptoms

42 MHz

When a person has cancer  

67-68 MHz

Healthy Human Body

55 MHz

When a person has candida infection

25 MHz

When a person begins to die

58 MHz

A Body with a Cold

52 MHz

When a person has Epstein Barr symptoms

Frequency of Thoughts

Negative thoughts lowered the measured frequency by 12 MHz. Positive thoughts raised the frequency by 10 MHz. It was found that prayer and meditation raised the frequency by 15 MHz. It has been demonstrated that changes can take place with depression in a downward direction. Conversely, upward changes can take place with the diffusion and the application of essential oils. The essential oils lift the spirits and support positive thoughts and frequencies.

Image by Milad Fakurian

Frequencies of Plants/Herbs:


            Dry Herbs                                    


          Fresh Herbs                                          


Young Living Therapeutic


Vibrational Frequencies of Food

Additionally, vegetables have frequencies. Keep your leafy greens and root vegetables vibrationally high by monitoring the heat, the timing, method of cooking. This will keep the essential oils within the food that you are preparing. This is how food can be used as medicine.


Hopefully this gives you greater insight to the wonderful plants that serve mankind and how they do it through nutrients and vibration!

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Vibrational Frequenices of Essential Oils
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