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A Little History of Multi-Level Marketing

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

I am grateful to the early companies that persevered and led the way to a concept of marketing that was outside the box. It was controversial and had plenty of opposition, from the beginning. They literally paved the way for what we are able to benefit from today with Young Living Essential Oils.

Here are the names of some of the early Multi Level companies that provided unique products not found in the retail market, and gave people, especially women, an opportunity to become an entrepreneur. People had the opportunity to develop a business, share it with others, and provide an income to improve life. Housewives connected with the concept and trailblazed the way for independence because they could work from home. The early days were exploding and some of the old-time companies are still around. Some of the early companies that are still around today because of the principles they applied and cared for their people: Tupperware, Shaklee, Amway, Herbalife founded in 1883, Mary Kay, Avon founded in 1886. These people paid a price for the privileges we have today.

Young Living built on this foundation, but it went above and beyond with education, family principals, a Seed to Seal product, and an excellent compensation plan. Mary Young refined the marketing program over the years to be compliant with government agencies, to provide opportunities for efforts being made and a system where up lines, mentor people in their organization to become successful. Conferences began at the inception of Young Living so people could meet Gary Young, staff, other members and learned along with Gary.

This information was later published in the 'Essential Desk Reference' that we have today. Long time experts who have reviewed the history of Young Living and its compensation program have said that it is the best plan around as a marketing opportunity and that the moral fiber of the founders and the company was a compelling reason to associate with. Not only are Young Living employees asked to join other companies because of their training and knowledge but so are Young Living Members.

Most of the companies around today have a few good products, but the rest are like fill-ins and would never stand up to the Young Living Seed to Seal Standard. Often there is deception in what companies are promoting to their members. An example is that the FDA states that if a bottle contains 25 percent organic essential oils and it is stretched with other chemicals such as petrochemicals, it is allowed to put 'organic' on the label. Companies that do this are within the law, but the moral fiber is weak.

Another factor is often a lot of new startups are not around for long. They are not in a position to deal with the hardships, the finances, the laws, and keeping up with marketing concepts. Young Living has always been very transparent about their product, the farms, the lab work. You, as a member can arrange to visit any of our offices, labs, and farms around the world. It is a great experience! Young Living never started in the boardroom. It was the early members that worked in the fields, stomped down the plant material in the distillers, used the horses to pull the conifers out of the forest in cold weather, operated the machinery, repaired the machinery, and made meals. Through hard work the principles and policies became evident. Over the years, we had to fight to secure our principals and our faith. One of the biggest challenges was integrating into the computer world for a worldwide organization. Finding the right people to prepare systems and information has been an ongoing task where experts were hired to make constant changes and keep us current in the technical world.

Allow yourself to be a part of a strong foundation, that you have an opportunity to express yourself within the law, and develop your skills personally and advance your personal growth. You are all very much valued. It is my desire that you experience great health and a better lifestyle for yourself and family.

Always Victory,


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