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April Note From Maria

Happy Spring! It is amazing how Young Living not only maintained, but grew over the last two years. Thanks to Gary Young for developing our own farms and for coming across the records of the herbs used during the bubonic plague at the Museum in London, England. Of course, we know this as THIEVES. I believe Thieves was the most ordered product during the last couple of years. I am amazed at how Young Living has been able to maintain a level of quality and production to meet the needs of its members.

Young Living Update

2021 was a record breaking year for Young Living. Many companies offering Natural Health products are suffering greatly from sourcing materials, the high cost of transportation, lack of help, illness of employees and other related factors. It has not been easy for Young Living to comply with the mandates and keep business operating on an international level.

Higher prices have affected Young Living. Currently, Mary Young is looking for ways within the Young Living corporate office to cut back on expenses, overhead, etc. She is attempting to keep product prices low for the Young Living Members. Because of the Government and FDA forcing changes, it has caused changes to the websites and communications. The staff works day and night to maintain and improve computer access. This is a stressful job and has been exacerbated by computer hackers. So, always be kind to the sales representatives. Keep in mind, the new kids today, do not have the history of Young Living behind them. They are wise with computers but cannot answer questions for the most part on oils, products etc. Things have changed.

Essential Oils Desk Reference

Be sure to have the Essential Desk Reference on hand to support the many way s to maintain your health. If you have an oil, but don't know how to use it, the desk reference is a perfect place to start! The oils and the products containing oils

have a very unique delivery system and work in ways that we are still learning about.

Gary always said that the oils have an intelligence "they know where to go and they know what to do". When you use the oils, supplements, and products around the house, people take notice at the difference in you and your environment. It is refined and attractive.

Canadian Members

I want to thank you for your loyalty and especially to the members in Ontario, Canada. Thank you for never giving up and being faithful to yourself and to your health no matter what. I appreciate very much all you are doing during the difficult times.

Reminder: Update Your Mailing Address

Please be sure that your address is current on the Young Living website.

I sent a Holiday mailing with the available address and mail was returned saying some of the mailing addresses were not current. Many of you have old addresses on the web site, which causes mailing issues so please check it out to be sure it is current.

If anyone wants to share stories, events etc. kindly contact us so we can add it to our newsletter.

All the best to everyone,

Maria Low

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