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Maria's April Note 2024

Updated: Apr 17

Happy Spring to everyone!

Steps to Success: Reaching the Summit

Isn't it great to feel the warmth of the sun, the grass turning green, and the ascending energy of spring? Spring is a time of change. It is a time to put into action the steps required to meet new goals. Clearly outline the steps it takes to reach the summit. You have people gathering to join you when you first start out, however, as the trials of life unfold, people drop off and the path to the top becomes narrower. Before you know it, you've made it to the top. You are the only ones that make it to the summit. This is a victory. Your life has changed forever.

Empowering Futures at the Young Living Conference

During the conference, you will be exposed to people who have taken the journey. It is wonderful to see people securing their future, especially for their elder years. Many burdens have been lifted because members helped others to better their health, increase their financial life, and take charge of their own lives. I support your desires in laying out your goals for the coming year and developing at least three legs. Two are required, but you need a backup. At this point, your commission check takes a big jump. It takes work, like any other job, to earn your commission check; however, Young Living recognizes your efforts, and as an Executive, you now begin to receive bonuses. What a big help it is to now receive a monthly check. You choose your own hours, make your own decisions, and receive benefits according to your efforts.

Young Living Farms have wonderful managers and farmers. You can meet them at the convention. They keep up the Seed to Seal standard with the soil. We have a manager who oversees the distillation for all the national and international farms. He began training with Young Living as a teenager. Thanks to him, each farm maintains the Seed to Seal standard.

Nurturing the Young Living Family

Keep in mind that Young Living is now monitoring the Young Living Businesses that have been inherited. It is necessary that the person who will inherit your Young Living business be well trained. They are now responsible for the activity and operation of your business. If the business appears to be dormant and the person receives a paycheck for doing nothing, they will eventually be approached. Everyone has to carry their own load in the Young Living family. It mainly requires sharing, being kind, not letting a new member feel abandoned, and communicating with them regularly for the first three months. It will be a delight to see how your new member experiences changes in their life and how the health of themselves and the entire family improves.

Rest assured that Young Living has the largest Aroma Library in the world and is the only organization that has collected records of the various temperatures for the distilling process for resins, roots, and plant matter. Young Living owns its own farms and also has certified Seed to Seed partners that are monitored to ensure our standards are met. It is important to note that Young Living tests all their products for metals.

The plants that provide the essential oils are a miraculous gift. May they be a part of your life always.



Special Announcement

The Essential Drops of Joy Team has been busy creating a booklet series called The Essential Drops of Joy Series! Two booklets have been completed and one is in the works. These booklets will soon be available to purchase either a digital copy or physical copy. More info to purchase coming soon!

Celebrate 30 Years!

Join us in celebrating 30 years of Young Living! The Young Living Agenda has been posted. Visits to the Mona Farm are a separate cost. You can either join everyone on the bus or take your own car to the Mona farm. Be sure to take something to drink with you. They serve a meal, and you have an opportunity to shop for items at the Visiting Center. You will see the Barns and stadium where the horses perform. You will also be able to visit the distillers and more.

Register early for the Convention to get a better rate. If you join Zoom, invite members and friends to watch the Young Living Convention. Enjoy aroma drinks or a wolfberry beverage together.

Loyalty Rewards

I encourage people to take advantage and sign up for Loyalty Rewards because member points (PV) are collected on each order and from this calculation, you receive free Young Living Products each month. You can build up your points, for Christmas, for example, and select products for your family and friends. You pay only for shipping.

Learn how it works so you can share with new people how it works. It is a wonderful bonus and very rare to receive free products from a company that you are a member of. Young Living does appreciate your membership. Free product started as an experiment; however, the members, of course, loved it and so Young Living has continued gifting to us.

Take every opportunity to be a part of Young Living in your lifestyle. It is shown on a person as their appearance and health become more refined. If you do not take the time to share this gift with people that you meet, believe me when I say, they will sign up with someone else. Never let your people feel abandoned. The monthly newsletter helps to keep people connected to you. Send the newsletter out to prospects, ask them if they want to sign up for further educational information.

Learn More about earning free gifts here:

Account Clean Up

Soon, Young Living will remove accounts that have not been active in 24+ months. Search in your organization and encourage them to keep their membership simply by ordering their favorite product. You can forward the newsletter or an email telling them that you just learned that their wholesale account is about to expire. Help them in placing an order and this will keep their membership for the next twelve months.

YL Drop Podcast:

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