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Maria's February Note

Updated: Feb 16

Greetings to Everyone,

Hosting a Young Living Party

Norah in Livingston, Montana, hosted a Valentine's Young Living Gathering where we had lunch together and shared The Everyday Oils that Young Living Members around the world use the most. We sniffed the oils, applied them to the neck and shoulder area, and for some, on location. It was a great way to become familiar with the oils and to experience the oil!

Using Castor Oil with Essential Oils

Janis, a Young Living member, and friend from Saskatchewan inquired about how I was using the Essential Oils with Castor Oil. Allow me to give you some background. I purchased organic castor oil in a glass bottle and roasted cashew bean oil. I also bought a body wrap, two wraps for the feet, and a pad for the eyes. I experimented with different ways to use the eyes and have settled on the following. First, I apply the oils on application. I drip the castor oil on the wrap, squash it together to spread the oil, and then wrap the covering around my waist and secure it with the ties.

More Uses for Castor Oil

I am not really happy with the foot wrap that I purchased as it does not cover the toes or the heel. I think I could do better with a loose pair of cotton socks. I use the roasted Castor Bean Oil on the pad to cover my eyes. I find that the combination of the castor oils with the essential oils soothing and helps the body to be more relaxed for sleep. It seems to help with stress. I have been applying it to the skin on my face and find it very moisturizing. I massage it onto my feet before putting on my socks. The castor oil can also be used as a mouthwash and is an aid for general gum or teeth issues. I also use the Thieves mouthwash where I swish the mouthwash around in my mouth and then swallow it. I am still experimenting and taking recommendations from friends. It has been a positive experience.

Young Living Website Updates

You may have noticed the changes on the Young Living website. More educational information and business information will be presented. The information will be completed at the end of the month. From thereon, there will be continued updates.

Earning Income with Young Living

One of the things that Young Living is contending with is the number of people who are receiving paychecks for doing nothing. When reviewing the business activity, they discovered the company paid out thousands to people who did little or nothing. This is not fair to the people or the couples that work hard as business builders and then find out that funds are going to others who are not making any effort to share Young Living. Some people have inherited their business and were not properly trained on how to do the business. Like any business, people have to be trained. The business cannot be dumped on their lap, and they have little or no knowledge of how the business works.

People can choose to purchase products for themselves, of course, and not be involved in supplementing their income or a career. I am referring to people who receive an income as a result of others doing the work, and they have not made a contribution. I expect that the Compensation Team will eventually make a decision as to how to handle this gap that has presented itself.

Clearwater Health Plan

Do take a look at the Clearwater Health Plan and see if it is of interest to you. You are compensated if anyone you sponsor signs up for the plan. Many changes have happened over the last couple of years that have caused many changes as to how business is now being done. I do not always find the transitions easy. Have you noticed the changes at the banks? It is a learning curve!

May you all get the rest that your body needs to repair itself. Bless yourself with the precious oils. I am so glad that you were open to finding the oils and made them a part of your life.



Raindrop Technique Online Master Class

When: Tuesday, February 27

Where: Online as a virtual event

Cost: $75


  • Online training

  • Olive Wood Massage Tool (Item No. 39367)

  • White Angelica™ essential oil blend (Item No. 3428)

  • Thieves® Hand-Sanitizing Wipes (Item No. 30632)

  • Peppermint essential oil, 15 ml (Item No. 3614)

  • Young Living Deep Relief® Roll-On, 10 ml (Item No. 3534)

  • Aroma Siez™ essential oil blend, 15 ml (Item No. 3309)

  • Training materials

YL Drop Podcast

Clearwater Health Plan

Northern Lights Spruce Limited Edition 10 Year Anniversary

Northern Lights Young Living Farm in British Columbia, Canada is celebrating their 10th anniversary. They are offering the Northern Lights Conifer Blend to celebrate. Available to Young Living Members. Comes in a 15ml bottle. Canada only.

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