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Maria's March Note


I am including a very long clip that may enlighten people that have had previous dental work or are preparing to have dental work done. The important point is that many people have undiagnosed health issues because of root canals, implants, or other dental procedures. This clip explains how dental problems affect the entire body. I can verify this because I have had it happen to me.

Even though you may be suffering from the effects of deep-seated infections in the mouth, I encourage you to take the Thieves dental products. For example, the Thieves mouthwash is a very potent advocate for periodontal disease. It will not, of course, remove a root canal issue but may prevent the situation from getting worse and is important to use during recovery. There is a little hole in the seal of the bottle. Poke a hole in the seal and allow a very small stream to come out of the hole. Swish the mouthwash between tooth tissue, your tongue, and the upper part of the mouth. Allow it to go into your throat as you swallow it. The Thieves Essential oils that are in the dental hygiene products, according to Weber State University, tested to be highly effective against bacterial infections. Use the Thieves toothpaste first, then use the mouthwash.

The mouthwash is also helpful for bug bites, skin rashes, and anything that may feel like it could become infected. A little goes a long way. The toothpaste can be applied on top of it or the Rose Ointment or the Animal Scents. Judge for yourself. It is my hope that this clip may help you to take further steps to bring emotional and physical comfort to you or someone you know.

Special Announcement Coming Next Week

Stay tuned! We at the Essential Drops of Joy Team have a special announcement to share with you! Check your email next week!

Celebrate 30 Years! July 17-20, 2024

Young Living is celebrating it's 30 year anniversary. Let me know if you are going I would love to meet you there. The convention will include the following:

  • General Session: With all the new products, programs, inspirational speakers, hilarious videos, and magical moments, General Session will still deliver all you’ve grown to know and love. This year, we’re shaking things up with a few surprises, so you’ll want to be in person and in your seats for this show.                                                                

  • Kitchen Table Sessions: As Co-Founder and CEO Mary Young always says, “The best conversations happen at the kitchen table.” We’re excited to announce the introduction of Kitchen Table Sessions, where Brand Partners can get together and share thoughts, ideas, advice, and answers to the most relevant and impactful topics that will benefit your Young Living business. Keep an eye out for a request for topics we’d like you to submit, along with the ability to be chosen as a Brand Partner host for a Kitchen Table Session.

  • Demos and interactive experiences: Nothing helps you learn like getting into the action and participating in a demonstration or an interactive experience. We’ll be offering a selection of immersive experiences that will take a hands-on approach to your education.                            

  • The YL Drop Live: Jacob Young is taking his podcast from the studio to the stage! Join us in person to see a live broadcast of The YL Drop podcast, featuring select interviews.                                                         

  • Virtual deep dive: For those who love a good deep dive into topics such as science, nutrition, oils, and emotions, we will be offering a selection of virtual presentations you can watch at your leisure on our virtual platform.

YL Drop Podcast:

Finding the Young Living Lifestyle ft. Monica Catalano

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