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August Note

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Greetings to all:

I attended the 2023 Young Living Conference in person however the conference had the biggest number of attendees with Zoom ever. I was interested on the approach of the company and how Young Living Members are doing business now as so much has changed, including technology. The consensus was that people want to have contact with one another.

Talks given by Diamond Leaders shared that their greatest experiences and enrollments are done around the kitchen table. They said, “let people talk and learn from them what their needs are. Explain to them that they must order at least once a year to keep their membership or order once a month of any items of choice. Their order can be changed every month. They choose the order date. If they are interested in purchasing a new kit has just come out that has Roll-ons, single oils, and a diffuser for $129.00 US. It is a very nicely done kit. Of course, they can choose other kits as well. Be sure to have your products in the kitchen, bathroom and perhaps an aroma Drink or a sample of a product on the table to share. Be sure and follow up and let the person know the leaders are strong in giving support especially for the first three months after signing up.”

It was impressive to learn more about the Seed to Seal Standard and the Scientific advancements that the Young Living scientists have accomplished. They said that they have more to share with you soon. The process that Young Living goes through to produce a Seed to Seal standard is a very difficult one. To get the needed results they must have enough resources for one million people. They must find a facility to produce it according to our standards. Sometimes the process of making a formula is much different than other commercial companies. Constant testing must be done, and the vital force must remain in the product as it goes through the various steps. It is costly and time consuming.

People on staff must price the components, labor, packaging, transportation and more. Do not be discouraged because of the price. To get the quality that we expect from Young Living, this is the outcome. If we did not set the standard, it would be all over the internet and the gossip would be discouraging to everyone. No one in the Aromatherapy business has the standards that Young Living has, be assured of this.

One of the reasons Young Living is inviting all the members to visit the farms is so you can see for yourself the process. They are anxious to answer your questions and show you around. Call in advance and let them know when you are coming.

More Events are going to take place now and some of them will be on Zoom. They are important as it helps you keep updated on business practices and is a great aid for understanding the product you are using and makes it easier for you to share with others.

Emphasis was put on the Microbiome environment of the body. Are you aware of the fact that if you do not have a healthy probiotic bacterial environment if you gut, it affects your brain. Your brain needs the synergistic bi-products from the bacteria for mental functioning including your memory. Young Living has provided new products for this reason. So, learn all you can about the product history from this newsletter to be brain healthy.

I always want you to be bodily and mentally fit and independent in your lifestyle. Share what you have with others, and it will come back to you.

Thinking of you,


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