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Biblical Oils For The Holidays

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Essential oils, herbs, shrubs, and trees are mentioned in ancient scriptures from all over the world. The word “oil” occurs in the Bible 191 times. Olive oil is mentioned seven times and the word “incense” appears 68 times. The primary oils in the Bible are described as fragrances, odors, ointments, aromas, sacred smudges and sweet savors.

The following are the 14 principal oils mentioned in the Bible: Myrrh, Frankincense, Calamus, Cedarwood, Cinnamon, Cassia, Galbanum, Onycha, Spikenard, Hyssop, Sandalwood (Aloe), Myrtle, Cypress, and Rose of Sharon.

Students in seminary school are not taught about the virtues of the holy oils mentioned in the scriptures. I always wonder why! Unfortunately, they often pass over the information about sacred essential oils.

How Essential Oils Reach Every Cell of the Body

The tiny molecular structure of essential oils enables them to pass through cell membranes as well as the tissues in the olfactory system. When this occurs, the body reads the molecular structure of the essential oil.

The essential oil molecules reach the entire body via the blood stream after absorption through the lungs. The tiny molecules also go directly to the brain, crossing the blood-brain barrier. The term “Aromatherapy” is a reference to the fact that essential oils can be applied for therapeutic purposes. You can learn more about this science on our Why you should diffuse essential oils page.

Cedarwood Essential Oil and King Solomon’s Temple

The bible states that King Solomon had Cedarwood from all over the land to be used in the building of his temple. When people entered the temple, they went into an altered state because of the fragrance being released from the Cedarwood.

The Essential Oil Blend Given to Moses In the book of Exodus, Moses anoints a “laver” made of copper or bronze. A laver is a large basin used by the priests to cleanse themselves in preparation for holy duties. In Exodus 30:23-24, the Lord gave Moses a formula for an essential oil blend. These oils were high in phenylpropanoids, which would be an effective disinfectant and protection against disease.

First olive oil was placed in the laver and then the following essential oils: Myrrh (500 shekels), Cassia (500 shekels) and Cinnamon (250 shekels).

This formula made about one gallon. The ratio works out to approximately 84% essential oils and 6% percent olive oil. Specific instructions were given for several ways to use this blend.

Holy Basil in the East

While in India, I learned that basil is considered a holy plant. It is planted around the doorways of homes and pathways leading to temples. As I walked along such pathways, I was uplifted by the fragrance of the Basil plant. This was a wonderful experience!

The Gift of the Magi: Sacred Frankincense

Dr. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential oils, spent a good part of his life travelling to various places in the world where the Bible oils originated. He was most fortunate in a trip to Oman, Jordan where he found a source of Frankincense tree.

Dr. Young then set up a vat to distill Boswellia Frankincense Carterii, a highly medicinal cultivar. While there, he contacted a Sultan in the area who claimed that his ancestors cultivated the Frankincense that the Wise Men gave to baby Jesus.

Young Living has this cultivar of Sacred Frankincense oil available. There are several types of Frankincense trees. Some have a perfume quality but do not have the same medical value that Young Living Sacred Frankincense oil carries.

Holiday Blessings of Essential Oils The holiday season is a wonderful time to bless yourself and others with gifts of essential oils! In addition, Young Living’s skin care products, beverages and supplements all contain specific blends of essential oils. Consider becoming a Young Living member and receive a free catalog that contains information on Young Living’s products including gifts for animals and pets.

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