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Cherishing Baby

One of the most cherished moments is the birth of a baby. One of the first things that Young Living fathers do once the baby arrives is to anoint the baby with a Young Living oil. Usually the choice is a biblical oil.

When the baby comes home, a routine is set up to give full attention to the baby's welfare. The purest products, healthy environment, cotton clothing, and baby and mother consuming a healthy diet.

Additionally with many visitors coming in and out of the house to visit the baby the next step is to turn on the diffuser. This protects the baby from flus, colds, bacteria, mold, viruses that could unexpectedly arrive into the environment. Putting the diffuser on a timer helps to save oils. The oils do stay in the air for quite some time so it does not hurt to turn it off for a time. Select a diffuser that stays on for six hours or more so that you are not filling it up frequently.

Sometimes new mothers are in a quandary as to what oils they should use for a newborn and how to apply them. Young Living has a beautiful line of pure organic products for babies, the Seed to Seedling line - Kid's Scents essential oils. One of them is a fusion of herbs and gentle essential oils in a base of Jojoba. Jojoba oil is very similar to the oil of human skin. It is not a heavy oil. Massaging the feet is a good way to start. When you and the baby are ready, you can take the oil blend up the spine. From there, you can apply the baby oil to the scalp or wherever it is needed.

Young Living carries a kit with numerous oils for different purposes. They are all diluted in a pressed oil base so they are very gentle. You can let the baby smell each one and then apply it wherever it is needed.

There are other essential oils in the regular product line that are very helpful as well. Some examples are: Gentle Baby, Lavender, Peace and Calming, Valor, Chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Eucalyptus Blue, Copaiba, Elemi, and Sara. As the baby matures, there are other oils that can be selected or added to a single oil mixed with the Young Living V6 oil blend to buffer the oil. Some babies do fine when the oils are used neat (directly), but others do better when a carrier oil is added.

If you are not sure what to do, take a predisposition test. Put a drop of oil in the crease of the arm or behind the knee cap. If there is any kind of a reaction, it should show up in these areas where the skin is thin. Many times when toddlers become familiar with the Young Living Oils, they will ask for the one that they think they need. For example, if they fall and scrape their leg, "Mom, I need Lavender!".

A Young Living member, Margaret, is a governess and introduces the Young Living essential oils to babies she cares for. She shared with me that in the beginning when she is introducing the oils to parents and babies, she will get cotton balls and add a drop of the essential oils to each ball. She then places them in a little cotton bag and attaches the bag to the baby's clothing. The oils diffuse and the baby receives the benefits from the oils while sleeping.

Crying Baby - Peace and Calming has a lower vibration and is effective for calming. Allow the baby to smell the oil. Begin applying to the feet. Lavender oil is also calming and it promotes sleep.

Diaper pail - Get a pail and pour in Thieves Household Cleaner and then water. The water should be an amber color. Thieves is a natural sanitizer and gets rid of odors.

Diaper Rash - Avoid all commercial Diaper rash products as they contain mineral oil from petrochemicals. The Tender Tush ointment in a tube is excellent. If you are looking for something that is heavier, try the Rose Ointment or Animal Scents. Gentle Baby can be used; mix it with a carrier oil and apply.

Fever - Essential oils can be used every 20 minutes to an hour depending on the condition. Raven, Lavender, Peppermint, Geranium, Chamomile can be mixed with a carrier oil. Start with the feet, spine, and forehead.

Sore Tummy - TummyGize, or Digize. Use as is or mix with carrier oil and massage the area of the tummy from rib cage to rib cage.

Ear Ache - 2 drops purification, one drop peppermint, 2 drops PanAway, 2 drops Melrose. Mix into 1/2 teaspoon carrier oil. Apply around the ear, not in the ear, back of neck and down to the jaw line.

Emotional support for Mom - Valor, Peace and Calming, Lavender, Transformations, Relieve It, Surrender, Believe, Hope, Joy. Scrub neck and scalp with oils. Can apply to temples and wrist. Can be added to purified water for an Aroma Drink: one drop to a glass of purified water.

The recommendations given are for Young Living Essential Oils. You can trust that the oils do not contain metals or any impurities. They are distilled at appropriate temperatures to get the full healing benefits offered by each plant. Young Living oils are used by professionals because of their purity and the science behind it. They're protective and supportive on a physical, mental, and emotional basis. 

References referred to: The Essential Oils Desk Reference, Gentle Babies, Aroma Infant

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