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Essential Oils for Pain



Have you ever had something happen so fast that you had not one second to think about it? Gregory, who lives at my house, was in the garage setting up a large mouse trap. He called for me to hold the trap steady as he applied the peanut butter and cheese to bait the mice. I held it steady when suddenly Gregory giggled, and the trap device snapped on my three fingers. Yikes! I grabbed my hand and doubled over with pain. I could not think straight. Suddenly, Gregory yelled out “get the Lavender!” I made my way to the bathroom squeezing my fingers, where I had a bottle of lavender. My fingers were a bluish grey and ridges were forming on my fingernails. I applied the Lavender and in a couple of seconds, the pain was gone. How could something like an essential oil work so fast? I continue to be amazed at how the essential oil of Lavender Angustifolia works. Interestingly, science shows that lavender’s greatest virtue is not for killing pain.

Lavender is known for aiding skin and scalp problems and is antibacterial and antifungal. It has a vasodilating quality, anticonvulsant, and anti-inflammatory and it is very effective for treating burns. Its fragrant influence is calming and relaxing. It is known to promote sleep as the molecules enter the limbic system in the brain, it has been shown to help students concentrate and improve their metal activity. All in all, Lavender was the right oil for the right purpose and changed me emotionally and physically in seconds!


I remember the first time that I learned what essential oils can do for pain. My employer was working on a project, and she needed a particular spice. I went to her home and opened the top cupboard door to find it but could not see it. So, I opened the lower door and looked for it, but it was not there. I then quickly rose not noticing the first door was still open and I hit the corner point of the door between the eyebrows. Upon impact it stunned me, and I saw stars, just like you see in comic books. I walked into the bathroom to look at my forehead and saw a lump the size of a walnut. After a brief rest I walked to my car. As I sat in the seat, I saw a bottle of peppermint! I opened the cap and applied layers of peppermint oil. In the rear-view mirror, I watched the lump shrink and the pain disappeared. All that was left was a yellow steak.

Peppermint is a member of the mint family and has a cooling effect which is helpful when experiencing pain. Peppermint (Mentha piperita) has a sulfur compound which is a molecular structure that distinguishes it from Spearmint. People find relief from arthritic conditions and boost the immune system. The Ester compound in the Young Living Peppermint oil not only gives its color but also taste. Esters are known for their relaxing, soothing, and stress-releasing effects. The late Dr. Peniel Arinatheraoust - France) reported that in his studies of Peppermint was the compound of Lactones seem to possess anti-septic, anti-parasitic, anti-tumoral, antispasmodic, and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being supportive of the respiratory, liver, and immune system. Peppermint factors in the transmission of pain signals for pain relief. In all its complexities, you can see how Peppermint is a highly regarded oil. This experience made me a big fan of Peppermint. I am never without it.

In the early days of Aromatherapy, Gary Young shared a story of his own experience, and he was amazed himself by what happened at one of his presentations. He was speaking about the benefits of essential oils and asked the ladies in the front roll if they had any discomforts. One lady said she had a sore elbow. Gary liberally applied the oil to her elbow. A couple of weeks later he saw her and asked her how the elbow was doing. She said “Well, the pain is not so bad, but a good thing happened, the corn on my foot disappeared”. This is when he became aware that the oils are of a higher power, and they know what to do and they know where to go.

The experience that Gary Young had also made us all aware that the oils may work differently for different people. Sometimes, it may occur that you have a situation that calls for a specific oil and you don't have it. What do you do? The answer is, use what you have. Some oils have specific compounds suited to stimulate certain receptor sites. All oils respond to the best of their ability. Positive things always happen. The internet is important, and the oils are very receptive to the vibration of prayer. Visualizing the molecules to the desired location to do their task, makes a difference.

Here is a list of other Young Living oils that are known for discomforts, accidents or even a time where emotional support is needed.


Wintergreen, Deep Relief, Ginger, Peppermint, Panaway, Helichrysum, Clove, Idaho Balsam Fir, Pine, Frankincense, Aroma Siez, Palo Santo, Sacred Mountain, Oregano Red Cedar, Blue Azul. Thieves

For people with sensitive skin, on medications, consider using a carrier oil such as V-6 blended with the oils to dilute the oil.

Note: Where there is high fluid pressure inside the cell, pain is often experienced. Sulfurzyme equalizes the fluid pressure within the cell and helps to balance the protein envelope within the cell itself so that the water freely moves in and out. This is also helpful for animals.

Young Living offers Sulfurzyme combined with Wolfberry in capsules and as a powder.


Helpful supplements: Vitamin C, MultiGreen, Sulfurzynem, NegaCal, BLM, Essentialzyme, Alkalime.


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Essential Oils Desk Reference

'The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple - David Steward PH.D,D.M.M.

* Only Young Living Essential Oils are recommended. Oils with additives such as Petro-chemicals have side effects. Young Living stewards their land, and each oil is tested to be sure it meets the Seed to Seal standard.

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