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Experience Joy as an Entrepreneur

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur! The change in the economy offers opportunities to meet the needs of people. Often people have hobbies, skills, and ideas that they are not using to add income, improve their lifestyle and establish their financial future.

Many families in the Young Living organization wanted more time to spend with their children and freedom with their time and decisions. They found that they could express their talents through a Young Living business while maintaining their integrity with quality products as well as substantial stability in a company that is constantly evolving.

There is a couple in Young Living that are now Royal Diamonds. The husband was a dentist, his wife was a receptionist. They found that they were not really getting ahead and were always juggling their family life. The wife spoke to her husband about a life-change. She had researched the background of Young Living, studied their compensation program and the quality of their product. She vowed that she was going to bring in enough income for them to live on and give up their dental business.

They did give up their business by forming a Young Living organization of members and mentored them to become financially independent also. They now travel with their children in supporting the Young Living Charities and teach their children how to contribute to people in need. They are very happy with their new life.

Sometimes it can be a struggle to share Young Living and some members are tempted to join other companies that seem to promise a faster route to abundance. This is not uncommon. It also happens with the Young Living staff members. They may want to use their knowledge of marketing nationally and internationally to succeed elsewhere. It is interesting to note that after a time, some of our most successful employees in Young Living are people that asked to come back after experiencing working in other similar companies.

In another situation, a group of businesswomen would meet once a month to talk and support one another in their workplaces. What was interesting about this was that at some point they had a conversation about the commissions that they were paid each month. One gal said she was a Diamond in a leading essential oil company. She made $4,000 a month from a considerable organization she had developed. This was really not a lot of income from the effort she had made.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon for a Young Living Diamond to make around $20,000 a month. Many Royal Diamonds are millionaires. These people found their niche, applied certain principles to their goals and worked hard just like they would at any other job. That way they secured a commission check each month. They were also able to help people in their downline experience a better income and lifestyle. It is such a wonderful feeling to help the people in your Young Living family be relieved of financial stress and difficult living situations.

My advice is to study the Young Living website as often as you can to keep up to date on product information, sales, education and receive the support from company as needed. You can contact staff members to discuss pertinent topics, use the chat line for more information and contact me or others on my team at any time.

Have the product around your home, use a diffuser and let people experience the refinement you are receiving from your Young Living lifestyle. The grass may seem greener on the other side with the many new companies offering products in the natural health industry. However, if you investigate the background, financing, product processing, lab work and more for most of these companies, you will find the results to be unsatisfactory. Many companies do not last, and all your hard work is wasted.

Only affiliate yourself with the best, and use the highest ideals when establishing yourself

for a personal business or as a user of the product itself. Change for the better always happens with conscious intent. I look forward to your success stories. May you have many victories!

Always yours in service, Maria

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