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Happy 2023!


Recently, I reflected on the challenges of last year and realized that all it takes to have a better year is to change the approach to the initiation of life.

Visualize this: you are a soccer player, and you kick the ball, and you miss the goal. Instead of walking away disappointed chose to reflect and ask yourself, how did I miss that? Should I have kicked the ball more to the right, or to the left? Visualize yourself taking a new approach, the disappointment will disappear, and success will unfold.

Before long, a new image comes to life and the benefits of success, friends, and lifestyle begin to change. I’ve continued this visualization on a regular basis and found it is a major step to accomplishing the things I need to get done and also opened up many doors.


I want you to know that you are not alone. I have enclosed a film clip from the CEO, Benjamin Riley so you can personally know Ben and his role in helping Mary Young and overseeing the corporate office in Levi, Utah. One of the things that is needed by corporate offices is further communication and updates from the work that has been going on at the office and the farms around the world. Ben is going to continue giving updates. Jacob Young also presents a Zoom weekly so you can get to personally know him. Presently he has about 2,000 followers. You have an open invitation to join him.


Here are some of the highlights on the clip that I invite you to watch. This may assist you in making some realistic plans and ideas with the knowledge given to update you and assure you that Young Living presents products that are the Seed to Seal and the very best on the market. You are a part of the family, so I want you to get the information firsthand and feel comfortable being a part of the Young Living Family.

1. Update from Benjamin Riley, CEO

1. The Kona Village challenge for Young Living Members- Hawaii Trip

2. Participate in the Young Living Charity Work

3. Plans for the expansion of the YLEO Academy

4. New talent joining the Science team at Young Living

5. How are you spending your time?

6. Greetings from Mary Young

7. Update from Kate and Jacob on the success of their seasonal Essential Oil Kit

8. Invitation from Jacob to join him on the Zoom

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