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Revolutionizing Wellness: The Journey of MultiGreens and Essential Oils

Updated: Apr 16

During a trip with Gary Young in the early nineties, I asked him "if all of your formulations were taken from you and you could only have one of your products, which one would you ask for." He answered "MultiGreen.". Gary Young had attended a symposium in Calgary, Alberta, to study Cancer. While he was there, he learned about some of the food nutrients that prevented cancer. The first preventative is the pH of the blood, tissue, and organs. If there is an alkaline, acid balance, it is difficult to get the common cold or ailments. The only exception may be environmental poisons.

When he arrived home, he was eager to seek out the nutrients needed that would be an aid to people with a nutrient deficiency. Chlorophyll nutrients were of primary importance. Alfalfa leaf powder, barley grass, spirulina, bee pollen along with other nutrients that would support the body fluids & pH balance, along with other nutrients that would defend the immune system. He recommended that in need, people could go on a program taking MultiGreen three times a day for maintenance.

Some years later, he made a major improvement. From his experience working in his clinic in Mexico, he learned how to blend nutrients with essential oils. This was a major improvement. In comparison, clinical experience had shown that there was an improvement in blood absorption of 42 percent in a period of twenty-four hours. With the addition of essential oils to the formula, the blood absorption increased to 64 percent in 30 minutes and 86 percent in twenty-four hours. The conclusion was that the cells were now absorbing nutrients that previously they were not able to assimilate. Gary Young then took steps to add Rosemary, lemon, lemongrass, and Melissa to the MultiGreen formula. Powerful oils to enhance the entire body for people and pets.

You can see why Gary then began to add the essential oils to all the supplement products except for Vitamin B.

Here is a list of products that you may find beneficial:

Mega Cal

Expertly formulated in a powder used for efficient absorption with Young Living organic essential oils. It includes the proper ratio of calcium and magnesium. The infusion of essential oils directs the absorption to enhance the benefits. Mega Cal affects all the body systems. Some Young Living Members say it helps to promote their sleep, and like to take it before bedtime. You can add the powder to water or juice or sprinkle on your cereal. It is provided in a tub of 15.6 ounces.

Inner Beauty Collagen - Dietary Supplement

The formula is highly absorbable, contains antioxidants and contains No Bovine, Marine Collagen is part of the formula. Targeted nutrients are included for skin hydration and it has been shown, after continued use, to lessen wrinkles. The formula contains three important collagen nutrients that help to support the membrane around the organs. Young Living uses organic sustainable sources in a priority blend fiber, fractionated coconut oil, and a blend of Young Living Essential Oils. The Beauty Collagen is an aid for inner and outer beauty.

Recommended: Keep in a dark cool place. One scoop to 6 to eight ounces of water. Can sprinkle on food. Net weight 5.20 ounces.

Amino Wise

Do you feel that you are assimilating enough protein so that you can perform everyday duties? Gary Young was often working in the fields and at times he missed lunch. He was concerned about receiving the needed protein considering the physical work that he was performing. Other people have used Amino Wise to prevent muscle breakdown and take it before workouts and again after exercise for muscle recovery. Amino Acids are also needed for neurological health. There is no sugar or artificial sweeteners in the formula. NingXia Wolfberry is an included ingredient. Amino wise is a synergistic complex of nutrients, amino acids & antioxidants that help with fatigue, and enhances muscle recovery after hard work or exercise. Formulated to support hydration by providing important minerals lost during exercise. Mix one scoop to 6 to 8 ounces of water. Can be used in a Smoothie.

If you have any concerns, contact your health practitioner. Pregnant mothers may have questions about any of the above products. Keep all products out of the sun. Keep in a cool dark place.


Essential Oils Desk Reference, Young Living website

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