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June Note From Maria

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

How are you doing?

One of the goals of the Essential Drops of Joy newsletter is to express to you my desire that you have resources to look after and maintain good health for yourself and your family. The first goal is to share and support others to enjoy good health. The second point is through caring and sharing, you will benefit from your efforts to bring in an income to pay for your monthly Young Living Products. You want the newcomers in your organization to have the same opportunity so that they do not have extra out of pocket expenses. By wearing the oils and ingesting the supplements with essential oils in them, a change takes place on a cellular level. The inner core of the body becomes stronger, there is a difference in the complexion, and you feel a certain refinement within yourself. Please let us know what problems you are currently experiencing.

Increasing Costs of Young Living Products

Mary knows the challenges that people are confronted with. She knows what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Mary Young has recently had to make some of the most difficult decisions in her business career. For example, did you know that NingXia Wolfberry is Young Living's biggest seller? The testimonies for the Wolfberry juice are quite remarkable. A huge shipping container of Wolfberries use to cost Young Living around $17,000 in shipping charges. Now it has more than doubled to $50,000. Mary carried the extra debt for a while, but it has come to the point that she cannot longer do it. All the Young Living farms use diesel to run their equipment. As you know, fuel has had continuous price increases. Prices will be increasing on most products; however Young Living is adding some new opportunities into the marketing plan to give us an opportunity to raise our income.

Why is Seed to Seal Important to Mention?

We are so fortunate to have the Seed to Seal standard. No one is the world has farms that are carefully stewarded to provide the balanced chemistry in our plants. So, you know that other companies test our oils to find fault with them? First of all, they do not know how to test them, they do not know what equipment is required and Young Living has the largest library of scientific information here each essential oil is recorded for its constituents, distillation information and more. There are only about four laboratories in the world that can-do third-party testing for verification. Scientists require far more education, and many do not want to put in an extra year or so to learn this type of scientific application required for this type of testing. I have been with Young Living since 1991. I have never experienced or have ever heard of short cuts, compromises including adding synthetic substances to stretch the oils. Seed to Seal is not an easy standard to live by but it is what we stand for and what you expect from Young Living.


I was waiting in line at the Post Office to mail a parcel. I paid for it and as I left I could feel someone walking behind me. I went out the door and down the stairs and a lady followed me out to the sidewalk. She said to me "You smell so wonderful, what are you wearing? I had to think a minute as I have been wearing the oils for so many years that I could not smell them. That morning, I must have applied about six oils. I hesitated a moment in my mind, thinking, gosh, I don't think I will give her the run down on all the oils I used but I could tell her about at least about three of them. I then went to the car and exchanged information and gave her my article in the Natural Life News magazine.

I had no idea at the time I was a walking diffuser! So be ready, you never know when an opportunity arises to share.

The Young Living Convention

I will be at the Conference in person and later will share my experiences with you.

Change in Company Language

Occasionally the FDA drops by to see what Young Living is doing. In the last year, we had to make changes in company language to comply. Members used to be called Distributors, but this was changed to Customers and Brand Partners. Brand Partners are those who want the option to build a Young Living business. Likewise, the rewards program was originally called Essential Rewards but then was updated to Subscriptions. Now Subscriptions has become Loyalty Rewards.

Fragrantly Yours,


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