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June Note From Maria

Greetings everyone,

The sun is finally bestowing all its gifts upon the earth and you can feel the 'vitality' in this upward energy! Nature provides so much energy at this time of the year. All the plants are preparing themselves to serve not only us but the animals as well. Young Living Farms all over the world are very busy at this time of the year.

Father’s Day Sale

June 18 is Father's Day in the U.S. and Canada! 15% off site wide to support the men in your life! 100 PV minimum. Share with your friends!

Kona, Hawaii Farm Restoration Project

The Young Living Farm in Kona, Hawaii has been working on a restoration project to bring back foliage and trees that were destroyed so that cattle could have open land. The lack of trees and plants diminished the moisture. As part of the restoration project, two hundred thousand Hawaiian Sandalwood trees have been planted. This restoration project has caused the moisture content to triple in the area. Young Living now has a very good supply future between the two Sandalwood farms in Australia and Hawaii.

New Monarch Butterfly and Milkweed Research Project

This project will take place at the Young Living Lavender Farm and Distillery in Mona, Utah, and the Skyrider Wilderness Ranch in Tabiona, Utah. Researchers will investigate the chemical profiles of different populations of showy milkweed (Asclepias speciosa), a key species monarch caterpillars depend on in the Intermountain Region. The launch of the research project is announced in conjunction with National Start Seeing Monarchs Day, a date dedicated to raising awareness and preventing this at-risk species from being added to the endangered species list. Read More Here.

Ignite Your Journey- YL Annual Convention 2023

I will be in person at the Young living Conference July 12-15th. Will you be attending? This year Young Living is offering a virtual experience for North America, Central America and South America. Registration for the Virtual conference will open June 30th 2023. The mornings will have the general session which begins around 9:00 A.M MST. Workshops will be presented in the afternoon. Gather your members and friends and watch the conference together. Register soon as Young Living will send you a kit in advance of the starting date of the convention. Register Online Here.

Product Guide PDF Download

You are now able to download the Digital the Young Living Price List and Product Guide on your website. The price list is handy to have. It offers the products in categories so you can easily find the name and price of a product. Download the PDF Here.

Fast Start Rewards

When you focus on helping two new people start their journey toward wellness, purpose, and abundance, it can really give you a boost during those exciting first months as a Brand Partner and you can earn extra cash. How do you reach the first two? Try the RISE Sharing System:

Reach out: Seek opportunities to connect.

Inspire: Share your story, especially your “why.”

Suggest: Recommend your favorites.

Enroll and follow up: Show them how to get their own.

Frankincense Resin

The Young Living Frankincense (Boswellia Carterii) resin comes in a 3.5 package. I place some of the resin in a bottle that has a top. I pour in water and let it sit as it softens the resin and releases the essential oils. It is a wonderful way to receive the benefits of Frankincense. It is a different way to enjoy Frankincense as a beverage. Give it a try!

Young Living Updates

This is the time of the year when the lessons learned in the past have promoted change. Young Living has been adapting to the ever-chaning digital world and providing updates and further educational knowledge. We do not just sell products, we talk about our history and share the benefits of the products from the Essential Desk Reference. We can make copies of this information and share with others. We all stand behind nature's product because we are confident in our farming practices, the science and the experiences we have. This helps us, families, and animals all over the world. Keep up the good work!

May you and your family experience a most wonderful summer.

Fragrantly yours,

Maria Low

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