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Manifesting Abundance

One of the most meaningful journeys Gary Young took was a trip to the pyramids in Egypt. He was able to observe the hieroglyphics on the walls of Egyptian temples and burial chambers. The ancient papyrus found in the Temple of Edfu contained medicinal formulas for fragrances and beneficial formulas used by alchemists and priests. Some oils were used as incense before ritual ceremonies. This was the first time that he discovered that the people of the time blended essential oils for various purposes.

During the time of Christ, The Egyptians collected essential oils and stored them in alabaster jars, sealed for protection. In 1992 when King Tut's tomb was opened, over 50 alabaster jars of essential oils were discovered along with 50 liters of various oils. When tested, the oils were found to be just as vital despite the passage of time.

Further adventures led Gary to learn more about how the Christians used the essential oils. He learned that caravans on the Frankincense Trail imported and exported essential oils as far as China. The oils were often used as monetary exchange and used for fumigation, anointing, rituals, ailments, and burials. They were also used on animals. Essential oils were mixed with olive oil to make a salve for the disciple’s feet when they traveled to preach the gospel.

These adventures influenced Gary Young to formulate essential oil blends. No one in the industry was doing this at the time. He made a personal blend for himself and took it to France and shared it with colleagues, but they were not able to figure out what the oil was because Gary had mixed single oils together to create a blend.

Abundance™ was the first blend Gary made for the Young Living members. Everyone could hardly wait to use it. The intention behind it was to create a mindset of abundance, so that we would have more than enough for ourselves and to help others. He believed that prosperity also meant perfect health. Young Living members would dip a toothpick into the Abundance™ oil and dab it on their correspondence and checks.

There were two ladies in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho that owned a gift shop. It was tourist season, however, the pedestrians just walked by, even though the door was open. Subsequently, they attended a presentation where Gary introduced Abundance and shared ideas on how to use it. Then, they added a few drops to their diffuser and the fragrance wafted out the door and in no time at all, the shop was full of people.

The Abundance™ blend has selected oils that exemplify the true power of energy: together, all the components magnify a vibration of the law of attraction and the energy to generate prosperity. Gary Young combined his knowledge of historical records with what he had learned through visiting places with a history of essential oil use. From this he created a blend for its vibration - joy, empowerment, health enhancement and the mind set for abundance. The corresponding essential oils for this energy are Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark, Frankincense, Patchouli, Orange, Clove, Ginger & Spruce.

The Essential oils provided by the Young Living Farms and Partners, uphold the Seed to Seal standards from the soil to the bottle. You are invited to any of the farms around the world to witness the Young Living process to get this precious oil in your hands. You can experiment with the many uses of the oil blend of Abundance™. You can sniff the fragrance from the bottle throughout your day. It brings happy thoughts.

Note: Young Living has packages of Frankincense Resin For purchase. The resins can be burned for your own personal use, but another helpful way is to put a few resins in a glass of water and place a covering over it and let it soften overnight. This process releases the oils from the resin. Drink the beverage first thing in the morning or enjoy it during the day. The people of Oman drink this on a regular basis and claim that cancer is exceedingly rare.

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