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Maria's January Note 2024

Greetings to my Aroma friends,

Arriving into the year 2024, the greatest concern I have on my mind is our children. Children are given to us by God in trust that we will raise them with the principles needed so that they can fulfill their divine mission. As the child matures, they give us clues as to their mission and it is up to us to guide them, nourish them and allow them the opportunities to come to the fullness thereof.

There was a time in history in the Arabic and East Indian countries, when a woman was pregnant, family and friends supported the woman to be sheltered from bad news, or anything that could create sadness. Her mother and the mother-in-law often helped out with duties as the pregnancy progressed. The husband expressed his love for the wife. The mother and the child would listen to songs and musical instruments. She would sit in the garden with all the plants and flowers. The baby's education began in the womb. Everything was done to attract a high soul or an avatar. The birth was a family celebration. The education of the soul was a daily practice and joy and reinforcement was a part of their daily routine. By the age of 10 years old, the boy child would gravitate to the interests of the father and uncle. At the same age, the daughter learned from the females of the family. By the time the child was thirteen years of age, they began gravitating toward adulthood. With a solid foundation in their childhood, they were educated to be independent thinkers, accountable, develop skills, participate in family events and take on responsibilities. The goal was to promote an ascending energy as the child matured.

Today, many children experience things that should not be a part of their life. It is especially difficult for teenagers attempting to discern what is 'truth'. Supportive relationships have never been so important.

Be sure and have an essential oil in their pocket or knapsack. They can sniff the oils during discordant energies if they fall and cut their leg, feel a cold coming on, or for enjoyment. As they learn about the oils, they will choose one that they desire to experience.

When I hear children laughing, it makes me laugh. When they have accomplishments, it makes me surround them with positive thoughts. Out of this positive thought atmosphere, these precious souls make life a better world to live in.

I have to say that Gary Young experienced trying times in his youth. He understood the emotions of young people on their journey of life as he had experienced this. When you smell Sara, you can tell it is for trauma, from the time of birth, right into the teen years. Acceptance, Inner Child, Highest Potential, Believe, Hope, Gratitude are some of the essential oils for emotional support. These are just a few of the oil blends that go into the limbic system, into the glandular system of the brain and make corrections throughout the body systems.

Only the pure Young Living Essential Oils are recommended. The plant material is distilled in stainless steel vats at low temperature.

You may have ideas to contribute to a child's welfare. I encourage you to feel confident in what you are doing and know that you are making a difference. I have observed the children where Young Living members introduced the oils to their children at the time of birth and as young adults, you can tell the difference compared to other children. What is really interesting is their own personal story of the oils during their life.

My ongoing support to you and your family during the coming year.

Fragrantly yours,



The NingXi packages are great for traveling or to put in your purse to take to work. You can drink it straight from the package or divide the beverage and pour some into water and make two glasses of NingXia Red. The NingXia juice can be used in smoothies, salad dressings, in muffins or other baked goods or menu items.

NingXia Wolfberries also come in a dehydrated form. They look like dried rose hips. Great as a snack, blend into a salad, add to soups, baked goods or anyway you dream up. It all works. Young Living has made available a kit to encourage people to stick to a program to make a difference. The kit contains Sachets that contain the juice of NingXia Wolfberry, Cherries, blueberry, in addition to some other antioxidant fruits and premium essential oils.

Wolfberries or Gigi berries are one of the oldest remedies documented for all-around health conditions. In the book 'NingXia Wolfberry: the ultimate Superfood[ authored by Gary Young ND, it states how it has been used for liver disorders, heart issues, the immune system, and puts emphasis on eye health.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that the eye uses more energy than any other organ in the body, second is the brain. To maintain good eyesight, one must maintain an orange dot in the eye. When this diminishes, then eye degeneration begins. NingXia Wolfberry contains a number of nutrients needed by the eye including zeaxanthin and Lutein. In addition, the minerals and carotenoids in the Wolfberry offer significant protection against age-related deterioration of eyesight. In today's computerized world or one experiencing stress, it would be a consideration to take care of the eyes by the age of 55 years of age.

NingXia Wolfberry is the largest seller of all the Young Living Products because of its multiple uses as a beverage, in supplements and skin care.

This is a great way to introduce new people to NingXia Wolfberry. They make great travel packs as well.



I do not normally talk about products that are out on the market however, I am making an exception. Myself and some of my friends have been using organic Castor oil. This is an ancient oil pressed from the Castor bean and was mentioned many times by the prophet, Edar Caycee. The reason I am mentioning it is because some of my Young Living Friends are adding their favorite Young Living Oil to Castor Oil Packs on themselves and children and animals as well.

You can listen to the video and decide for yourself. It might be something that may benefit you or someone that you know.

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