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Maria's May Note

Greetings to Everyone reading the Essential Drops of Joy Newsletter,

The last two years have been difficult for many, especially in rural areas where there may be fewer opportunities to interact with people, expand the abundance in your life, or find sources of inspiration to help you have a better day.

Personal Growth and Abundance

You may be doing special things on your own that, step by step, are making a difference in your life. I would like to share with you what I have been doing lately. Abundance is not only about money; it also includes good health, love, and wisdom. Abundance is a flow of energy that comes to us from the universal source, aiding us in fulfilling our life's purpose.

Overcoming Blockages

Some of us may feel that abundance should be in our hands today, but there seems to be a blockage. Keep in mind that there are cosmic laws we need to apply. One way to clear a blockage is to dissolve any bad feelings that are blocking the flow from your heart. For example, you might start by saying, "I am forgiveness acting here, casting out all doubt and fear, I call in full power for forgiveness every hour." Repeating such a mantra while visualizing will help dissolve the negative energy behind it. The spoken word or singing the mantra is very powerful.

The Power of Gratitude

Every day, be grateful for everything that happens to you. Some days may be stressful; however, this is a reminder that an adjustment needs to take place. Even if you do not see the reason at the time, praise God. Soon, you will see yourself advancing in the schoolroom of life. "Let God be magnified" is an example of a call.

Managing Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety is a major factor that can block prosperity. Fear and anxious feelings block the channels and send a message of doubt. Green is the color of prosperity and health. Envision the color white with tinges of green in it, and repeat mantras through the spoken word to free yourself from fear and doubt.

Maintaining Daily Rituals

Keep up the faith daily. It is vital that you repeat the ritual throughout the day, but certainly every twenty-four hours. If you do not maintain the ritual in a timely manner, the energy fades away. Keep your forcefield charged so that you can call upon it at a second's notice. Ask God to be liberal with you, providing constant reminders of faith so that it becomes a part of the electrons and protons in your body.

Visualization Techniques

If you wish to have more vitality in your pursuit of good health and financial security, it is necessary to visualize what you want to see happen ahead of time. Without visualization, nothing will happen. Be very specific in your visualization. If you are unsure if everything you have asked for is right, simply finish your request by saying "according to God's holy will," and the adjustment will be made.

Clearing Your Consciousness

Clear your consciousness regularly. The subconscious may be cluttered. The Not-Self may bring up failures, doubt, and various things we have absorbed throughout our life. Every time you are inundated with criticism, ask your higher self to take divine dominion over your entire situation. This way, you avoid lesser energies taking over.

Treasure Mapping

Do you know about treasure mapping? I go to the dollar store and purchase a white or green piece of poster board to begin cutting out pictures or words from magazines that help me focus on what I desire. I have done this in the past, and every desire came forth over a period of two years, including the blender for smoothies. This is an excellent project for your children to help them focus on their goals. Place the poster in a place where you notice it each day. This activity can also be done as a group or community event.

Writing Your Desires

Writing your desires in a notebook and qualifying them "according to God's holy will" may also be helpful. You can add drawings and pictures. Review your requests for your treasures frequently to keep the flow active. Every time you are blessed, express your gratitude. The flow activates the spin in your cells through visualization and affirmations.

Giving Back

Now is the time to consider what you will give freely for the divine assistance you have received. It could be helping a family member, devoting the beauty of your garden to God, or whatever you feel is worthy. As the wealth vibration builds up in your body, you will begin to receive little signs that can be used to activate or take another step. You might need to contact someone, go somewhere, help someone, or you may receive a refund. It might be that you need to take another step to plan ahead to fulfill an even bigger mission.

Keeping the Flow of Energy

One of the things I attempt to do is not to block the flow of any energy that could create an obstacle. I remember the story of Moses when he asked God, "Who shall I tell them sent me?" God answered him by saying, "I AM THAT I AM." There are no other words that have the power and weight of God's name. His name is used in many sentences we use throughout the day, often without realizing it. So instead of walking around with a cluttered or blank mind, I sing the "I AM THAT I AM" mantra repeatedly. It cleans up my forcefield and deepens my connection.

Using Essential Oils

Be sure to anoint yourself with essential oils to amplify your intent and protect yourself.

I have put off expressing some of the things I have learned and applied for some time. I thought to myself, perhaps there might be some free principles in my message to you today that may create a shift for you to create abundance.

With Joy,


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