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Maria's October Note

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Greetings to Essential Drops of Joy members,

First, thank you for being a part of my newsletter! You are welcome to share it. You are welcome to submit articles to your local magazine or news bulletins if you use my name or website for credit. You can educate and promote your interest and experiences with others.

I have written an article on Abundance. There are some principles that I would like to share with you, separate from the article. The first law of prosperity is the law of forgiveness. This can be a tough one for some and it may take time to process this as a traumatic incidence can leave its demarcation in the DNA, leaving a memory etching it into the cell. Some of the best work that Gary Young did was his formulations of the emotional oils to aid people who have experienced depression, accidents, misuse of the spoken word and other distressing situations. Along with Abundance, you may want to add one of the following: Forgiveness, Hope, Acceptance, Awaken, Believe, Sara, Inner Child, Humility, Gratitude, Harmony, Motivation, Release and more including the Feelings Kit. Most of these oil blends contain biblical oil. Gary had a deep connection with the depth of an emotion as he experienced much of this himself. When you sniff the oil, it is amazing how the blend connects very personally with the feeling you are experiencing.

Gary often suggested the oil of Acceptance for many when they used the Abundance oil blend so that people welcomed the opportunity of prosperity, whether it was good health, a monetary increase or surrounding yourself with the right people to increase support and opportunities.

I do a verse that I find really helps my mind set and it enables me to ask for Forgiveness every day. The suggested minimum requirement is to say it three times, but the more the better. Once you learn it, you can say it very quickly. Instead of walking around with a blank mind or allowing other thoughts to pass through my mind, I say these words to raise me upward.


I am forgiveness acting here

Casting out all doubt and fear

Setting men forever free

With wings of cosmic victory

I am calling in full power

For forgiveness every hour

For all life in life in every place

I flood forth forgiving grace

In the early nineties I lived in a small village located off the beaten path. There were a hundred people in the community. How was I going to grow my Young Living business in a place where English was not the first language?

I was working on my health at the time and had a men's bike that was too big for me. I put the seat down and steadied myself and headed out down the gravel road that had small hills. It was difficult to ride a couple of miles and turn around and turn back. So rather than think about the difficulties, I decided to say a Mantra and say it 33 times. Here is what I said for the entire time I was riding:

I am the resurrection of my finances (3X)

Now made manifest in my hands and use today(1x)

I did this for approximately ten weeks. I then put out posters in the villages saying that I was having a class on the Raindrop Technique. The right people arrived at my home and today they are still my friends, the oils are part of their lifestyle, and they continue to share Young Living. I made a point to be more faithful with my tithing. The stress in my life slowly slipped away. My lifestyle was changing. I used Abundance and other oils faithfully striving to reach my goal. I continue this ritual to this day. I also dab a drop of oil on my correspondence etc. to not only attract Abundance for myself but for the other person as well.

I hope my experience will give you an idea as to what you would like to do to attract prosperity on every level.

Abundantly yours,

Maria Low

New publication: 15 Extraordinary Essential Oils- by Maria Low

The Drops of Joy team is excited to share a project we have been working on most of the year! We have just published a new booklet entitled 15 Extraordinary Essential Oils. Keep an eye out for our newsletter throughout the holidays. We will be providing a link to a PDF of this booklet. You are welcome to share this PDF with friends and family for the benefit of all! Spiral-bound paperback booklets will also be available for sale. Details to be determined. Credit goes to Maria Low for her extensive writing and essential oil knowledge, to Kathleen Karlsen for organization and management of the project, and to Kasondra Henke for the beautiful cover as well as booklet design and layout.


Have you taken the opportunity to view the information under Member Resources? This page can answer a lot of questions. Be sure your new people are aware of the information. Check your shipping information, your commission check, your tax information, policies and procedures and more.



Harvest time for the Conifer trees will begin in January 2024. The wintry weather offers the opportune time to harvest the essential oils that are captured in the center of the trunk of the tree as a result of the cold weather. Applications are being accepted for the harvest at the Highland Farm in Idaho. Two dates for brand partners are scheduled for January 2024. Under events you can read the information and also the schedule for the days you are there. There is a lot to take in and opportunities to learn about distillation, farming and participate in lectures. The fee is $500.00 for members. Learn More Here


A retreat for members that have reached the rank of platinum. Hurry and move up in rank so that you get an all-expense trip to one of the most magical Young Living Farms. The Young Living Academy is in the general area. You can adopt a student while you are there. The retreat begins January 14, 2023. Everyone is welcome to visit the farm anytime of the year to experience the Young Living Spa.


In honor of our European convention wrapping up, we decided to bring back early-bird pricing for YL30, our 2024 International Grand Convention! Join us July 17–20, 2024, in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, for this special 30-year-anniversary celebration. At YL30 you’ll experience thrilling launches, hands-on product perusing, and immersive farm adventures, as well as make lifelong connections and lasting memories.

From now until Sunday, December 31, take advantage of our $175 early-bird price—while seats last! We’ll see you in Salt Lake City! Click Here for More Information


This blend includes essential oils that have recently been scientifically documented to be highly effective against several different types of viruses ranging from human papilloma virus (HPV) to herpes simplex viruses. It works well for any application, from inhalation to ingestion to topical application. It is particularly helpful as a [preventive during times when viral diseases are spreading, i.e, cold, flu, etc.


· 20 drops sandalwood

· 12 drops peppermint

· 8 drops tsuga

· 8 drops thyme

· 8 drops melaleuca

· 8 drops Ravensara

· 3 drops clove

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