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May Note From Maria

Updated: May 15, 2023

Greetings to all Readers of Essential Drops of Joy,

I am currently looking for some of the Essential Oil plants to place in the yard. I am going to plant Lavender for sure, some herbs and a Wolfberry Bush. It grows quite well in the Northern Temperate Zone. I must find a sheltered area so that the wind does not blow off the blossoms. If you plant this bush, which is quite tall, you will be surprised by the abundance that it provides. You can freeze the berries and I have used them in apple crisps, salads, soups, muffins, and teas. You can dehydrate them so that you can use them as a topper during the winter months.

Be sure and keep the tops very tight on all your bottles and store them in a dark cool place, preferably in a sealed container. People who have stored their oils over a long period of time have, on occasion, been disappointed that the bottle is half empty.

What do you do with your empty bottles? I often put them in the bathtub. When the bottle fills with water, shake out the bottle and let it fill up again. I add empty bottles to the containers that I am storing any winter clothes and booths. Remove the top of an empty bottle and let it sit in a room and diffuse its remaining essence.

Now is the time to talk to people about what you are doing with your essential oils. Don't forget about pets and farm animals. My dog has a little wart on the side of his lip. I am applying Mendwell to it and expect that in the next couple of days it will fall off. When you use the product, you are an example of a natural lifestyle. One day, a lady followed me out of the Post Office and asked me what I was wearing. I was wearing several oils at the time. We exchanged cards. I will notify her of future events.

Gary Young Memorial

Five years ago Gary Young passed away on May 12, 2018. He left behind a wonderful legacy that has affected us all. He accomplished more in twenty-five years than most

companies did in one hundred years. He knew the value of having our own farms and to be able to control the standards. He also learned early on that he had to invest in scientific equipment.

The early Young Living Distributors, mostly ladies, helped Gary plant the first Lavender seeds that he brought home in his cowboy boots from France. Today, that very seed is planted in St. Mary's Idaho, Mona, Utah and at our farm in France. This is how we got our beautiful Lavender.

He took Mary and his two sons on as many trips as possible to share what he was learning and doing. Mary has maintained the values that Gary has passed down to us.

I sometimes looked in amazement of my past and how it all happened that I was able to be a helper and apprentice starting in the fall of 1991. None of us had the vision that Young Living would be what it is today, although Gary always said "Young Living will become a household word."

I attended the memorial service in 2018 and it rained on us the entire time. The great Percheron horses arrived with the gasket. They were so gallant as they left the arena at the farm, in Mona, Utah as Gary went to his final resting place in Tabiona, Utah.

Like yourself, the Young Living Oils are so precious. Would you ever give them up? I don't think so.

Wishing you the best for a happy spring,


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