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Maria's November Note

Dear Essential Drops of Joy Members,

Today I reached out to some of my Young Living members and learned that in some areas in Canada, people are very ill; sore spine, weak kidneys, fatigue, can barely get out of bed, and many need help to care for themselves. This is the time to dig into your Young Living arsenal. If a person is unable to apply one oil at a time, apply the Ortho Sport on the feet, legs, spine and brain stem.

The recipe's included in this newsletter are very helpful as well as the single oils and blends. Get the diffuser working. Vitamin D, vitamin C, MultiGreen, Inner Defense or Longevity gel caps for the immune system are necessary to take 3x a day and then cut down back to 2x a day when you feel that you have recovered. From then on, do maintenance to be sure you do not have a relapse. It is important to take Zinc throughout the week. Young Living does not have this however you can look for a good source to take. A Canadian company called Natural Factors has a good source.

People tell me that they are not sure if the source of the problem is from the drinking water or the chemtrails. It is reported in the US that 200 water plants tested positive for Snake venom, as a result of people shedding from the Covid shot. Others thought perhaps something is falling down from the Chemtrails. In the past, Canada has been used as a test ground for testing adverse effects on the populations. I hate to say this but it is a historical fact.

Some people have been pushed to receive the covid shot and a flu shot. I am so sorry to hear this. Do take advantage of the Black Friday sale to obtain remedies that will prevent or assist your recovery.

On a positive note, Young Living is offering wonderful oils for the season: Christmas Spirit, Evergreen blend, Joy oil blend, Pine, Seasonal Essentials, Winter Nights Frankincense, Orange. These are all great to diffuse, wear as an essence, in a beverage, or for application. Any of these oils really raise your spirits.

Just a note, if some of your people have not ordered for a while or have dropped their membership, they may want to re-activate with the Black Friday sale. They may not realize that possibly their credit card on file may have expired. Support your people with a gentle reminder.

May you be well protected in your faith and with your Young Living products that are organic, pure, no metals and meet the highest standards on the market, hands down. One of the reasons Young Living carefully maintains the highest scientific, agriculture and distilling standards is in part, to encourage others to keep the standard that we have established.

It is my hope that our newsletter educates and supports you so you can always be at your best.

Essentially Yours,

Maria Low

Black Friday Sale | Ends November 18th at 11:59 PM, MT

Do you know that Young Living Members were paid early so that they can take advantage of the Black Friday Sale?

Do not order under loyalty orders. As you order, the discounts will show up in your cart. Some discounts are as high as 50 percent. This is a great time to place your Christmas orders. You do get PV credit on your Black Friday orders and you can qualify for the monthly free products. This is one of the best sales that Young Living has had to date!

Choose now what you are interested in as sometimes they run out of stock during a sale.

Young Living Podcast

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