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Sending Love This February...

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

I would like to mention a few things that may be helpful to you while you are on your

personal YL website.

2023 Tax Info

Your Tax information for 2022 is now on your YL account. Look under the heading of MY ACCOUNT. Click on MY TAX FORMS 2022. Print this out for your records.

On the same page, on the right-hand side, it says MY COMISSIONS. This is a

list of all your commission checks for 2022.

Young Living is bringing forth changes on the web site to keep you informed, to keep things interesting with more educational information and opportunities for goals that will benefit you.

Helpful Resources

Under MEMBER RESOURCES, there is a lot of information including:

. Out of Stock List...will also tell you when they expect product to be back online

. Track your shipments

. Check out your Loyalty Rewards Points

. See the 2022 Price list and there is also a product catalog in Spanish

Currently, no physical catalog is being printed at this time.

Credit Card Info

Please note, on the icon where your credit card information is located, you may have more than one credit card listed. Check this area out as you may have cards listed that you do not want to use or are expired. YLEO could attempt to use an inactive card. Remind everyone to check their financial status in this area, and to check to see if their current credit card is about to expire.

Natural Life News

Maria is a writer for the Natural Life News and has been for over ten years! This is a digital, quarterly magazine on all things health, wellness, and vitality. On their website you can find all the past newsletters as well. Subscribe today to receive the magazine in your inbox!

Link is at the bottom of the webpage here:

Share This Newsletter

Have you ever thought about the purpose of this newsletter?

Yes, it is for educational purposes and to give up-to-date information. However, there is another important reason. The newsletter is a bond with one another which supports you with Young Living information. I value personal contact with you. The newsletter can be used to share to prospects, family members and friends as a tool. The newsletter is a way to inform others that you are a part of an international community that is constantly learning about a healthy lifestyle, and you are willing to share the same opportunity. I encourage you to have your own newsletter in between this monthly newsletter so that no one feels abandoned in your organization. You are welcome to share information from this newsletter to anyone that you may feel that is interested.

Young Living Japan Farm

The Okinawa Farm is located on the island of Okinawa and specializes in the cultivation of shell ginger, long used in traditional Okinawan medicine. The farm lies at the foot of subtropical mountains within an untouched landscape filled with incredible biodiversity and unrivaled, high-quality soil. Prior to the purchase of the Okinawa Farm property, the soil was tested for more than 350 chemical components and heavy metals to ensure that the shell ginger grown on this unique Japanese shell ginger farm would be pristine and free from contamination. Dr. Je Tae Woo, the heart of the Okinawa Farm’s operations and a leading shell ginger researcher, is hard at work establishing a laboratory where scientists will conduct a variety of research on the properties of Shell Ginger essential oil, as well as perform the rigorous quality testing on site that defines our Seed to Seal® quality commitment. The Young Living farm team is actively creating partnerships with the Okinawa government, neighboring universities, and the local community to create systems that will ensure the farm contributes to the Seed to Seal values of conservation, reforestation, regenerative agriculture, and economic development of the area.

All the best to everyone reading the newsletter today,


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