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Stress Away Today!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023


Stress Away Essential Oil Blend says what it means. It helps you to have a Happy Day! The first oil in this formulation is Copaiba. This substance is not typical of the pure organic oils that Young Living Essential Oils normally distills. This South American tree excretes a gum like substance from the trunk similar, like maple trees. The gum of the tree is then distilled to create the essential oil. The resin is used in South America for numerous conditions including scrapes, bladder conditions, inflammation, sore throats, and any ailments people experienced in their village. Children swipe the resin from the tree and apply it on location. This gum serves as the base in the Stress Away blend and the following essential oils are added to it: Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, Lavender, Balsam Fir, Lavender and Ylang Ylang.

Other Oils in Stress Away

This Ocotea tree, also from South America, is referred to as false cinnamon. According to the 'Essential Oils Desk Reference" Ocotea is calming for anxiety, hypertension, balances blood sugar levels, and has antibacterial qualities.

Cedarwood has a heavier molecule to help the blend to stay on the skin and offers calming properties to areas of the brain. There are biblical references written that describe Cedarwood being used to build churches because of the essence in the wood.

Scientists are still studying the virtues of the essential oil of Vanilla in its ability to help with cravings, depression, and mood elevation.

Lime oils has a very clean aroma which cuts through the feeling of stress and heaviness of the body. The oils from the rind of the lemon have anti-bacterial properties and aid the immune system. Learn more about citrus oils HERE.

Lavender has a long history in its use for skin issues, anxiety, insomnia, and nervous energy. Lavender is historically known for its many uses and its ability to blend well with other oils. It is evident why these chosen oils have scientifically and traditionally come together to help the individual with stress, anxiety, depression, and chaotic energy.

Stress Away Bath Bombs

These powerful bath bombs dissolve in warm water and create a space for relaxation and healing. Try them in your self care routine and experience the difference!

How to Use Stress Away

Gals have been known to pull Stress Away out of their purse at the stop sign and apply the oils from the Roll-Away during traffic.

The roll-away version is also handy for handicap people as they do not lose a drop as they roll it on the body. It also comes in a 15 mL bottle so that you can use a drop or two in a beverage or diffuse it. Stress Away definitely helps you to have a Happy Day!

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