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The Scary Truth About Plastics

When you last visited your Health Practitioner and received a form to fill out, did it ask about your tonsils, adenoids, appendix, gallbladder, gut health, or any neurological issues? If so, was there any discussion on how to resolve and improve your health?

When I was a little girl, my mother took me to a country doctor for a skin condition. The first thing he did was had me urinate into a bed pan and then he took the pH of the urine. From the results of the pH test, he pretty much knew how to treat his patients. If they were too acid, he would suggest one thing, if they were too Alkaline, he would recommend something else. If there were infections, he would look for the sources and make suggested changes of lifestyle and a remedy recommendation. I find it unfortunate that currently the pH test is rarely part of a visit to the health practitioner as it is the basis of good health.

In today's environment, there are complexities in the world that affect our health like never before. Microwave towers, microwaves ovens and other devices, cell phones, smart meters, working around electronic equipment, have caused vibrational illness that weren’t heard of a hundred years ago. There are very few doctors and health practitioners that really

understand how radiation and microwaves affect our environment. In many cases, the health issue is misdiagnosed because people have not been trained to realize how invisible frequencies are affecting our lives.

More recently, Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote an article on impurities found in the tissue in our body. He wrote about the discovery of approximately nine different types of plastic in the body. He mentioned that an alarming amount of plastic is in the human heart. Environmental impurities showed up in the lungs, the blood stream and deposited in tissue throughout the body. Microplastics refers to particles less than 5 millimeters wide, which is about the side of an eraser on a standard pencil. Plastic has been found in the membrane, tissue, and muscle of the heart.

Additionally, Media Images have found plastic particles in oceanic life, like fish, because of plastics, soda container rings, and other non-biodegradable that may take over 500 years to break down are in the water. A great concern is that the blood brain barrier, the protector of our brain, allows the tiny particles to pass through.

Once these contaminants are absorbed into the cholesterol molecules in the brain and the membrane surfaces, they store in little lipid packages in the brain. Increasing the inflammation of the brain, which appears slowly and then over time, increases the swelling of the brain. In some cases, it can lead to a lack of focus, fatigue, and neurologic issues including dementia.

It is very sad to note that plastic has been found in the feces of newborn children. These impurities have been discovered at the most vulnerable period of a child's life.

How much plastic are you consuming? A study at the University of Newcastle Australia revealed a shocking finding: The average person could be consuming about 5 grams of plastic per week; about the amount of one credit card. Researchers seem to agree that plastic is entering the tissue through the bloodstream.

There are several ways plastics and other pollutants enter the body: air, water, food and food packaging, lip, skin and tooth products, dental polymers, polymer implants, drugs and vaccines, tattoo ink residues, drinking bottles, plastic culinary, shellfish, bottled water, tap water, plastic covering over food. We certainly must be mindful of our choices in every area of our life!

On one occasion, I observed how essential oils worked on plastic. A gal was making up a soap mixture with essential oils to sell at an outdoor market. She filled the plastic bottles with the liquid solution and set them on an end table. When she went to get them in the morning, the plastic bottles were dissolving and removing the varnish off the end table. The essential oils recognized the impurities. This was the first time I saw how essential oils dissolve plastic.

Recent research from Dr. Lee and the scientific Team at Young Living discussed with Young Living Members the benefit of a healthy gut and how the probiotics from the gut affect mental health. Young Living emphasizes a health microbiome for neurological health.


Gary Young formulated several products for brain challenges. Tree oils tend to vibrate towards the head. A blend of tree oils is helpful. The Essential Desk Reference list the following: Peppermint, Frankincense, Rosemary, Peppermint, Cardamom, Canadian Fleabane, Brain Powder, Clarity, M-Grain, Common Sense

Supplements: Multi-Green Capsules, Daily Probiotic Fiber Dietary Supplement, Immune Gummies, Life Nine probiotics, Mega Cal, Omega Green Omega 3, Immugummies (4 years of age and older)

There are definite challenges, and it would be prudent to attend to our gut and brain health with supportive products that we can trust for their purity. Essential Oils are a gift for they know what to do and where to go. Plants are one of the greatest gifts that can be used as a medicine to enhance our life in so many ways. If it becomes difficult to focus it is likely a sign that a blockage is occurring. It is best to act before this occurs.

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