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Tips and Tricks with Young Living- Fall 2022


After you sign in on the Young Living website, hover over the tab that says MY ACCOUNT. In the drop-down menu, choose Virtual Office. Then click on MY ORGANIZATION in the left navigation menu. Now choose MY ACCOUNT to see the sub-links. Click on My Commissions. This gives you a financial record of your commissions. You may need this record for your taxes. You can print out each listing monthly.

USING YOUR LOYALTY REWARDS In your virtual office on the Young Living website here is a link that says MY LOYALTY ORDER. Click on the MY REWARDS link to see if you have credit to buy additional products. You can have this credit applied to an order and thus receive free products.


Always check the expiration date on your listed credit card. Go to PAYMENT METHODS in your virtual office. If the card is expired and your order does not go through, you will not receive a commission check.

CHECKING FOR QUALIFIED ORDERS Remind people to always check to make sure everyone who wants to qualify for a check has placed their order for the month before the last day of the month at midnight. To be safe, it’s good to have an order placed by the 25th each month. Changes to your monthly order should be made by that time.

LOYALTY ORDERS AND ADDITIONAL ORDERS If you place an order, make note of whether it is being processed RIGHT NOW or on your

chosen date of the month for automatic or loyalty rewards shipment. If you unintentionally hit the link for PROCESS NOW, you will receive this order along with your regular order.

LOYALTY POINTS EXPIRATION Check them to be sure that none of your loyalty points are about to expire. When you are on Loyalty Rewards, you can get free product by using your points. This is a great way to purchase Christmas gifts or to purchase extras for yourself!

YOUR MAILING ADDRESS We have done recent mailings and have sent out gifts that have been returned due to incorrect addresses. Perhaps you have moved and have not updated your address in your profile. Make sure it is ready for us to send a little Christmas gift to you! Kindly update your address so the items are not returned to us.

ESSENTIAL DROPS OF JOY NEWSLETTER Are your Young Living customers and Brand Partners receiving the Essential Drops of Joy newsletter? Be sure and let them know that they can receive this monthly newsletter by request. We send out regular recipes using essential oils, informative article and tips. This helps to keep everyone connected and keeps us all in touch. Perhaps you have a testimonial or a tip to share that we can include?


Young Living continues to adjust according to the times. It is quite a feat to analyze the needs of members and what is happening internationally. Many companies are suffering for many reasons. One of them is not making changes in a timely manner to sustain themselves in the marketplace. Sometimes the changes are necessary for economic reasons.

MEETING THE NEEDS OF CUSTOMERS AND BRAND PARTNERS It is important to express kindness to all our members and to let them know they

are very much appreciated. Do they have the Essential Oils Desk Reference to assist

them in seeking out the best oil or product to meet their needs? Do they know how to

get the Young Living Newsletter? Share your experiences in emails or phone calls. Let's keep connected!


You may have heard a rumor from competitors that Young Living is not doing well. Let's set the record straight:

RUSSIA - Young Living is unable to continue business in Russia because of the instability in the country. We cannot have our product go missing or stolen because of the present environment there. A decision has been made to stop during business there at least for the time being.

BRAZIL - People from South America can order their product through the Mexican office in Mexico City from the Young Living Website. Because of this, Young Living is withdrawing from Brazil currently.

ECUADOR - The farm and office in Ecuador is thriving and new plants with healing properties are now in the beginning stages of planting. It will take time to get enough plants started before we have the essential oils. In addition, the Young Living Academy is expanding and has a long waiting list. The government has taken note of this success and

wants to integrate some of their successes into the public curriculum. The children at the

The Academy are awesome!

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