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Unusual Ways to Support the Men in Your Life

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Recently, I asked a gentleman friend if his parents taught him skin care and hygiene as a young child. He replied, “Not really, I remember getting a butch haircut and using butch wax to style it and later the pompadour haircut with a duck tail in the back so I used Brylcreem or a pomade. I also used Dial or Ivory soap.” I think many men are in the same boat: they were never taught how to holistically care for their skin. It appears that most skincare marketing is directed towards girls and women. For example, in France daughters are taught how to care for their skin at a very early age. France was one of the first countries providing hair and skin care products for the retail market.

Today's market displays more products for men but unfortunately the strong smell in the lotions, hair care, and underarm deodorants come with a strong artificial odor from the chemical additives in the product. These products are also filled with hormone disrupting estrogenic chemicals and plastics. Additionally, many essential oils on the market have petrochemicals in them, which are one of the major causes of prostate issues.

Gary Young was concerned about reproductive health as the number of couples unable to conceive has increased. In his studies, he found that many causes were from dietary choices and there was a lack of nutrients needed to support the endocrine system. For example, eating meat and chicken with injected hormones contradicts the body’s normal hormonal balances. Additionally, environmental poisons, recreational and prescription drugs, electronic force fields, alcohol, sugar, dairy, additives to food, microwaved food all affect the body’s hormones.

Plants sprayed with chemicals create a deficiency and a chaotic state and do not allow normal mitochondria function or the spark that creates the electrical energy for hormonal production. In many instances, lifestyle and environmental conditions create acidic conditions that harbors parasites or fungus conditions that cause enlargement of the prostate. Modern lifestyle in this electric world stresses the nervous system and the endocrine system including the glands in the head.

Young Living Products For Men

Two essential oil blends were formulated for Men with essential oils known for hormonal support.

The first is Mister, an essential oil blend helps to decongest the prostate and promote greater hormonal balance. The second is Shutran oil blend, which is a blend of complex nutrients and numerous essential oils to boost masculinity and confidence.

While in Arabic countries, Gary Young experienced the unique fragrances of the countries and attempted to find essential oils that had the odors of the Far East. He put together botanicals blended with a number of essential oils for Men and called them Shutran. He knew that most men do not like to take a lot of time in the morning for cosmetic care so he formulated a multitask, shampoo, fash wash, body wash all in one product that protects the acid mantle of the skin while cleansing. Premium essential oils are added to the formula. Simply lather the hair, body and face and then rinse. Shutran truly captures the fragrance of the Far East.

Shutran Line:

Aftershave Lotion, Beard Oil, Shave Cream, Bar Soap, 3-in-1 Men's Wash, Essential Oil Blend

Gary Young began to put his full attention on Men and Women's health. He spoke of young couples that were not able to conceive. As a result of his research, he and his wife, Mary, had two children late in life. He formulated supplements and essential oil blends to prepare women for conception, support women through menopause, relieve stress and to maintain a hormonal balance.

PD80/200 is a dietary supplement to support the endocrine system for both men and women necessary for mental acuity, cardiovascular, immune and endocrine system. The product contains DHE. In cases of prostate cancer, it is recommended not to take DHE as a supplement.

Prostate Health are soft gels uniquely formulated to support the male glandular system. Pumpkin seed oil is included to promote a healthy prostate gland and discourage parasites. Prostate Health is beneficial for a healthy urinary tract flow and supports a healthy sex life. Five essential oils create a blend that are anti-inflammatory, decongesting the bladder and urinary tract. Selected oils support the kidney and adrenals. This formula is not recommended for males under 18 years of age.

The Essential Oil Desk Reference states that petro chemicals, pesticide and weed sprays, bovine growth hormones in dairy products and meat, synthetic steroids, and unhealthy work environments, interfere with the hormone receptors and cause them to function improperly eventually leading to cancer. Below is a recommended formula that can be used in a number of different ways. This blend can be added to a diffuser. Drops according to your taste can be added to purified water and drunk as a beverage. It can also be added to NingXia Wolfberry drink diluted with water. It can be mixed with a carrier oil such as the Young Living V-6 carrier oil or olive oil to massage on location. The desk reference recommends using the oils for a health issue at least three or four times a day. For maintenance, apply morning and night.

Prostate Essential Oil Blend:

10 drops Frankincense

5 drops Myrrh

4 drops sage

*Can be used straight or with equal parts cattier oil. Depending on the sensitivity of the person.

A hygiene ritual for full body care accumulates benefits and prevents problems especially in the elder years. The recommendations made in this article are for the Young Living Products only as they are totally free of toxic chemicals and heavy metals. The Young Living farms are carefully stewarded so that the full spectrum of nutrients and oils are used after in house and independent testing.

Please share this article with the men in your life! Let's support them in their health journey this Father’s Day.


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