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September Note

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

I have just returned from a trip from the province of Saskatchewan to visit Young Living members. The oldest member, Margaret, is now 91 years of age. She was one of the first ladies to sign up in my organization when Gary Young first came there to give a presentation over 30 years ago.

I spent time with one of her leaders, Bonnie, and some of the gals in her organization where Young Living has become a part of their life. It was so wonderful to be with likeminded people who strive to provide a healthy life for themselves and their families. It’s encouraging to see that 'they get it' and they know what essential oils do.

On my trip, there was constant smoke from the forest fires. Inhaling smoke for an extended time takes its toll. I had the oils sitting on the seat next to me in the car and had Ningxia Wolfberry drink with added essential oils in it to sip constantly while I drove.

To have people in my organization such as these people is truly a gold mine in my heart. Have you ever tasted Einkorn muffins with raspberries? Olive ground up the Einkorn berries and made muffins for me to have as I travelled. They are easy to digest and so satisfying. Such a wonderful experience visiting people in person. Check out the recipe here:


Now is the time to think about Christmas presents and how you want to use your points for free products. The Christmas Catalog comes out in November. However, I have found that people begin to order immediately, and sometimes certain products are sold out. So put some thought into what you want to purchase for Christmas starting now and then add it to your list in the coming months.


You are invited to Nova Vita, Ecuador November 7, 2022! Experience a Young Living Event at the Finca Botanical Farm and Distillery. Come and enjoy the Spa and Health Retreat at the

Health and Wellness Center. Be pampered and learn more about the Young Living products and farm. More events will be taking place in 2024. More info available here:

Join the events at the Young Living Farm at the Mona Utah Farm, September 28- 30, 2023. There will be a festival and a Draft Horse Show at the Arena. More Information available here:


I am going to be participating in the trade shows that are starting this fall. It is time to contact people. I plan to invite people to my home soon for causal events to share Young Living and allow people to personally experience the products. We have hosted some Aromatherapy game nights and they have been a hit! Get all the info you need to host your own party here:

Remember that your events and products used are taxable events, if you are a brand partner building your business.

If you're local to Montana, come check it out!

Be assured that Young Living Farms truly live up the Seed to Seal Standards and the workers at the farms are proud to be associated with high standards. It is not an easy life for them as so many details are monitored, regardless of the weather, mechanical breakdowns, or other unknown interruptions. They never compromise. You can see for yourself as you are always welcome to call ahead and visit any of our farms.

I am so proud that you are a part of the Essential Drops of Joy newsletter and a part of my organization. Feel free to share the newsletter with friends, family, and prospects. I know many of you have testimonies and would love to publish them. Send them to

Fragrantly yours,

Maria Low

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